YSL Saint Laurent to launch NFTs and services in the Metaverse

Yves Saint Laurent, one of the world’s best known luxury beauty brands, has confirmed that they will bring their 60-year legacy to this new Internet called Web3. This French label filed a few days ago the trademark application for NFTs and services in the Metaverse, regarding their brand and logos.

Yves Saint Laurentone of the world’s leading luxury beauty companies, confirmed that it will launch its first NFT collection and also bring its 60+ year legacy to the Web3. Following in the footsteps of other luxury beauty brands such as L’Oreal, Givenchy and others, YSL filed a trademark application for services in the Metaverse and with non-fungible tokens, in connection with its brand and logos.

The news was shared and viralized by the renowned U.S. Patent and Trademark Office attorney-at-law, Mike Kondoudisthrough your official Twitter.

In the tweet, Mike said that fashion brand Yves Saint Laurent filed its trademark application for its name and logo. This application is associated with the company’s plan for services backed by NFTs, stores offering virtual products such as makeup, cosmetics and skin care preparations, and more.

Consequently, the French label is clearly preparing its leap to Web3 using the technologies most known and consumed by the users of this industry, such as NFTs and Metaverse. NFTs and the Metaverse.

The plan to carry out these actions is to be able to use NFT technology to authenticate digital artwork, videos, audios, and other IP related to beauty and skin care promoted by YSL. It is already known that to achieve this, the brand will create downloadable multimedia files through NFTs with illustrations, text, music and video files.

The company also expects to be able to provide services in the Metaverse of online sales for its most loyal customers, offering virtual products from one of the most important and recognized beauty brands in the world.

In addition, they will issue hair and body care products ready to use in different virtual ecosystems, something that will undoubtedly be an innovation in the beauty products industry.

Another of the investments planned by YSL Sain Laurent YSL Sain Laurent for its growth in the Web3 industry is the construction of physical stores, but exclusively to sell virtual goods, a clear sign of its intentions to revolutionize and expand its adoption in the digital world.

While the company’s initiatives come as a surprise, the brand is no newcomer to the Web3 world. In June 2022, Yves Sant Laurent Beauté launched its first collection of non-fungible tokens called “Golden Blocks NFT” which boasted 10,000 digital collectibles created on the Polygon blockchain.

At that time, NFT holders received invitations and enjoyed various benefits thanks to the partnership with P00Ls, French musician Agathe Mougin and American DJ Kittens.

In addition, it is worth noting that YSL Saint Laurent is part of the luxury fashion cluster Kering. Keringwhich also manages other luxury brands such as Gucci. Gucci, unlike YSL, has already been exploring and offering different services in the Web3 world for a longer time, since, the Italian fashion house is present on platforms such as Roblox y The Sandboxas well as already having different cryptocurrencies as payment methods.

Yves Saint Laurent’s patent filing Yves Saint Laurent for services in the Metaverse and NFTs is undoubtedly an excellent start to the year for both the beauty products industry and Web3, as it demonstrates the great step that the world’s biggest brands are taking to build new communities in different areas beyond the traditional products they offer.

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Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.