Xverse and Hiro launch first Wallets for Bitcoin NFT Ordinals

NFT Ordinals are growing steadily and have already surpassed 120,000 registrations on the Bitcoin blockchain. With Xverse and Hiro they can now be stored in a more secure and interactive way.

The boom for Ordinals has happened in such a fast and exponential way that nobody expected it. One of the characteristics that demonstrates this is that there were no platforms or tools with the best interface or design, so the few existing ones were not agile and had a rather outdated look.


In this regard, a new product has emerged that has been announced as the Bitcoin Wallet for Web3with its implementation of support for NFT Ordinals, whose protocol carries great popularity whereby NFTs can be enrolled in the Bitcoin blockchain.

On Wednesday, February 15 they published a tweet from the project team, stating that since that day they have launched first class support for these new NFT Ordinals.

In this way, they explained that it is not necessary to run a node or any kind of highly complex software in order to register an NFT through their flagship product.

The only thing the user will need is to have a small amount of satoshis in his balance in order to be able to pay the expenses for making transactions on the network, which in turn can be purchased directly in the application offered by Xverse.

These NFT Ordinals can be registered through various platforms dedicated to such purposes, but among the main ones we can find Gamma.io. If you want to know a little more about this platform, we provide you with a link to a link to an article that we have made from NFTexpress days ago, with more information about it and a quick step by step guide to be able to mine your own NFT on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Thanks to Gamma’ s platform, you can sign up Ordinals NFT without the need for sophisticated software or coding knowledge, as none of this is necessary. From Xverse, they state that about 5% of the Bitcoin network registrations have been made through Gamma.

After the transaction is completed, the user will be able to see the corresponding registration in his Xverse portfolio after 20 to 30 minutes. Once the transaction and the registration are completed, they will be stored for life in the respective blockchain.

Much of this has been made possible by the discovery of engineer Casey Rodarmor, who found the possibility of storing nearly 4MB in a single Bitcoin block. Thus, by inscribing a serial number on each satoshi in the order it is mined, that satoshi becomes an NFT that can be tracked and transferred.

The NFT Ordinals contain certain types of rarities, within which we can find the following levels: common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary and mythic. For more details on rarity, supply, and the “Ordinal Theory” we leave the link to a publication made officially by Casey Rodarmor in his blog.

Through the Xverse wallet we will be able to receive, store and view our NFT Ordinals. Functionalities such as transferring, sending, registering, selling and buying Ordinals are currently under development and will be launched in the near future. In this regard, Ken Liao, the founder and CEO of Xverse, announced that the option to send Ordinals from his wallet will be available soon.

On the other hand, from Xverse’s official website we can see that they will soon enable instant transactions using Lightning Network. In the following link you can consult the Roadmap established by the Xverse team from Q1 2023 onwards.


Another wallet that also offers similar services to Xverse is called Hirodays before Xverse’s announcement, they announced the possibility of making registrations through their software and test network.

Mark Hendrickson, CEO of Hiro Wallet, said the fun is just beginning as they develop great support for NFTs, and especially Ordinals.

Both Xverse and Hiro use the services of Stacks, a blockchain that has its own NFT economy that settles its transactions in Bitcoin.

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Written by Luciano Garriga (TW:@luchogarriga) for NFT Express