XREATORS: the NFT marketplace created by and for creators

The Korean marketplace has been testing its beta phase for a few months now. They have now announced its official launch for January 25, 2023.

XREATORS is an NFT platform that links social creators with fans. In this sense, they announced its official launch for the end of January, and they intend to exclusively relay various NFT collectibles of first level, and different attractions worldwide.

Following one of his publications made on his account of mediumaccount, they have detailed some of the NFT collections that will be presented along with their official launch, such as:

a) NFX – Golf Series

There, you will be able to play with famous golfers from various national media.

b) Visual Clue (Sunny Inspires)

NFT collectibles from director Sunny Inspires. A visual track that they have reproduced in the video of the We Dam Boys dance team.

c)Arist By Pinzle

These are works of art from creators worldwide that are part of one of the largest art subscription services in the world: Pinzle.

d)COCU Photographer

In this case, it refers to the aforementioned photographer’s project recording the present day using an old camera with the first Leica M8 digital body.

They also mention that as the weeks go by, they will announce the launch of new projects in various fields, such as art, audio, collecting, among others.

If you access its official websiteIf you enter their official website, you can see that they have confirmed the presence of some collections other than those mentioned, such as Francesco Bongiorni, JTBC Knowing Bros, MOONSTICK, among others.

One of the most relevant data is the platform’s strategy to encourage artists who carry out projects to donate part of the proceeds from sales of their NFT works to various charities.

XREATORS CEO Gina Park said that with a more user-friendly interface, they will not only be able to lower the barrier to entry for new people, in addition to the existing knowledgeable ones, but also contribute to the adoption and growth of the NFT ecosystem.


The beta version was launched in the first week of October 2022. At that time, they announced that approximately 100 creators would use the platform for testing.

Being a beta version, bugs or glitches could be found. In case they were found, they should be reported to the Xreators team through its official channel of DiscordThe team’s goal was to solve them immediately to improve the experience for both creators and users.

They also have other communication and information channels, such as their channel on Telegramchannel, or their profile on the social network Twitter.


At the end of the beta version, XREATORS announced the Top 10 of the best testers of the beta phase of the marketplace. These creators have been considered for their performances, and for their works of art. In this way, the selection was made by virtue of views, likes, among other values.

In this top 10, there are the collections of: Poison Frog, Bismillah, Olaoo (who managed to be part of the Top 3), UJU, Leegoeun, marty, seonmi.co, SooY, ssammi7 and MarieNara.

From this group of 10, the top 3 have won the chance to earn XREATORS marketing sponsorships as well as ORT tokens. The remaining 7 only receive a set amount of ORT tokens.


ORT is the platform’s utility token, which has been developed under Ethereum standards, ERC-20. This token is issued by XREATORS and is used as a means of payment for conducting NFT transactions, announcements, events, sponsorships, and more.

Currently, this token is on the exchange Gate.ioand the XREATORS team is working to position it in more exchange platforms.

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Written by Luciano Garriga (TW:@luchogarriga) for NFT Express