Worldcoin to Reward “Every Human” in Exchange for Biometric Data

Sam Altman, globally recognized for his ChatGPT, is considered a rising star in Silicon Valley, with a number of intriguing projects to his name. One of the most notable is Worldcoin, an initiative aiming to authenticate human identity in the digital realm in return for cryptocurrency.

With over 2 million users in its beta version, the project officially launched this week. The new cryptocurrency, WLD, is now available for those who have registered and can receive and exchange these tokens.

Worldcoin is a cryptocurrency entity aiming to broaden people’s participation and access to the global economy. Its goal is to award 20 of its tokens to any user who provides biometric data and verifies their unique identity.

The aim is to provide a universal basic income in cryptocurrency. Interestingly, anyone can benefit from this measure, including those who lose their jobs due to AI. As explained by the founder of OpenAI himself, the goal is simple: “to set up a global financial and identity network based on proofs of humanity, especially important in the age of AI.”

The confirmation that one is human is managed through what the company calls The Orb, a metallic sphere the size of a ball that scans the individual’s iris.

These devices are already distributed in 20 different countries, including Argentina. It is considered one of the most promising cryptocurrency and digital identity projects of recent times.

To receive Worldcoin’s digital assets, it is necessary to download an app. The creators assure that providing the name, email, or phone number is optional.

Altman’s idea stems from his concern about the potential consequences of artificial intelligence on societal development, which is ironic given that he is one of the main drivers of this revolution from the company he founded, Open IA.

“After visiting an Orb, you will receive a global ID. This allows you to prove that you are a real and unique person online while maintaining complete privacy. As the global distribution of Orbs increases, you can find the nearest one and book time to verify it with World App and on,” wrote Sam Altman’s company.

The WDC assets will be received for free through the World App. At the moment, this new digital currency operates around $2.34, but could increase over time.

Interestingly, these WLD tokens will not be available in the United States due to regulatory uncertainty. Despite the court decision with Ripple, it is still unclear to what extent these tokens can be considered ‘securities’.