What is the NFT Design Awards platform?

NFT Design Awards, is a platform that aims to unite the talents of NFTs with the best experts in the ecosystem and consequently, get different positive feedback on the projects. The idea is for creative artists to compete for the title “NFT of the day”.

NFT Design Awardsis a new platform and project that was created earlier this month and aims to unite different talents from the NFT ecosystem with the best experts in the industry to obtain different positive feedback on the projects.

In addition, the “NFT of the Day” was launched, the idea of a prize for talents to compete on a daily basis and increase the exposure of their project, collection or artwork they have worked hard on.

The idea of NFT Design Awards is to recognize the most outstanding creators of NFTs and also, to showcase the talent of different artists who are beginning to venture into the ecosystem of non-fungible tokens to provide greater exposure and promotion to their work.

How the platform works

All NFT artworks that are submitted to the Design Awards platform are evaluated by a panel of judges who are composed of industry experts, mostly usually people who already have a recognized path and advancement in the NFT field.

Subsequently and day by day, the works of art are evaluated through a score between 0/10 points and are divided into three categories, which are:

  • Aesthetics: this represents the visual appeal and emotional impression generated by the work of art.

  • Fundamentals: this category represents the level of professional execution of the artwork following the fundamental principles surrounding design.

  • Innovation: here we reward the originality of the work and how the artist achieves a new perspective on NFT art.

Subsequently, the evaluation of the projects is taken to a batch of 10 NFTs and the best nominee with the highest total score within those ten projects becomes the NFT of the day.

Currently, at the time of this writing, the winner is ZOLTHARZthe collection is called “Organic Evolution” and it consists of 100 NFTs like the one we see in the main image of the article.

Moreover, beyond being the winner of the “NFT of the day”, you will also have the opportunity to be featured on the main page of the platform and all winners will be promoted through various Twitter and Discord channels, in order to get more exposure for the project.

Also, before the collection or art NFT has been nominated for the award and evaluated by judges, each project undergoes an exhaustive manual moderation carried out exclusively by the team that makes up NFT Design Awards.

How to become a juror

Anyone with NFT-related experience can apply to be a member of the jury and be tasked with recognizing and voting for the best NFT projects submitted for the award.

It will also help the person or project that wants to be a juror to increase the awareness of the personal brand. You can do so by filling out this form: Jury application for NFT Design Awards.

Currently, on the platform there are approximately 360 collections and projects that are being scored by expert jurors, which are recognized people in the industry such as:

The NFT Design Awards have the idea of recognizing the talent of artists and the effort they make when creating NFT collections in projects that are developed on the Web3. Therefore, they choose jurors with years of experience and serious knowledge in the non-fungible token industry to make the decision of the winner transparent.

Finally, if you feel like participating as a project or as a jury member, it will certainly be a step forward in this platform that is just beginning and promises to celebrate NFT artists bringing the industry closer and closer to the adoption of this fascinating technology.

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Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.