What is Rather Labs?

Rather Labs, is a project that works with blockchain technology at the enterprise level and specializes in different services such as gaming, NFT launching platforms, token launching pages, DeFi protocols, and much more.

Rather Labsis a blockchain technology center that is responsible for developing enterprise-level MVPs and has already been responsible for creating games, NFT launch pads, token launches, DeFi protocols, tracking services, real estate and more.

It is characterized by helping the world advance at a technological level, since its pillars are science, effort and passion. Its objective is to motivate entrepreneurs to use this Web3 technology to generate different products, but with high impact for the communities.

While, as I mentioned above, Rather Labs covers many, many fields of blockchain technology, today we will focus on how it is working in the NFT industry.

Rather Labs developed a standard that it uses for non-fungible token implementations on the Nervos blockchain called NRC-721.

The creation of this standard is very important because it makes the applications developed by the company within this ecosystem interoperable.

The implementation of this token in Nervos was achieved through a low-level programming language called RUST. This allowed the code to be efficient and compact. NRC-721 is inspired by Openzeppelin’s ERC-721 and any developer, user or team that has an understanding of how it is created in Web3 can integrate this standard to different DApps and decentralized projects.

¿Which NFT projects use Nervos and the NRC-721?

There are several NFT projects that are using Nervos and the NRC-721 standard created by Rather Labs. I will review some of them below:

  • Celebrity Smackdown (CSD):

This is the first Web3 game to be created on the Nervos blockchain, and is inspired by the MTV show “Celebrity Deathmatch”. NFT cards are used strategically and celebrities fight in a battle to cancel each other out. In addition, the CSD TEAM team used Cocos3D for the creation of the game. This is an open source tool used to develop cross-platform 3D games. Also, it can be connected with MetaMask and Unipass wallets.

  • Vanimals:This project was created by the Rather Labs team. It is an NFT marketplace and a collection of pets in the format of non-fungible tokens that are inspired by real-life animals. The platform runs on the Nervos blockchain and also uses the NRC-721 standard for its NFTs. Vanimals uses augmented reality to create an immersive experience to the owners of the NFTs, as, they can visualize their pets in 3D with mobile.

  • MantialMantialis the first no-code NFT release platform. It allows different artists to easily and quickly create, launch and manage their own NFT collections. In addition, it provides and generates metadata, smart contract implementation and NFT collection minting.

The NFT service development team

The people who work as engineers at Rather Labs have a long track record in developing projects related to non-fungible tokens. Among the most important services are: Mantial, the NFTs launch platform run on ImmutableX and Channel, a fashion apparel e-commerce in NFT format, among others we reviewed above.


As I mentioned earlier, Rather Labs not only specializes in NFT, but also works to develop different services in the Web3 ecosystem, since, it works as a blockchain enterprise software development lab for the design, development, launch and scaling of any project you want to create on Web3.

However, as we at NFTexpress are dedicated to bringing news and projects that are related to the non-fungible token industry, Rather Labs has potential to grow within blockchain technology. It has a extensive team of workers and founders and founders who are at the forefront of taking an idea or venture to the next level.

Finally, with Rather Labs will not only facilitate the release of NFT collections to artists, but also build platforms such as NFT marketplaces. Also, the team prepares the tokenomics design of the project, manage to integrate NFTs into games and use their own NRC-721 standard for the blockchain of Nerves.

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Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.