What is Play Swoops?

If you are a lover of sports and more specifically basketball, you will surely love Play Swoops, as it is a blockchain simulation game that allows users to own and operate a 100% unique team, earning real money.

Play Swoops, is a simulation basketball game built on the blockchain that has been in development for nine months. In collaboration with renowned people such as Gary y AJ Vaynerchuk, Jason Robins (CEO of DraftKings) and other NBA owners, the goal is to create a virtual basketball paradise.

The idea of this NFT game is that by simulating tournaments, matches and seasons over time, its participants win real money prizes. At the same time, the project’s official social networks are already providing news of the “Season 0” the first Beta version of the game, which is based on a first game mode called “head-to-head contest”.

It is a true strategy game for basketball fans, which performs infinite combinations of physics and skill with attributes based as one-of-one, randomly generated on the blockchain. Just like real athletes, the players in Play Swoops have unique DNA profiles that will help them reach or exceed their full potential.

In addition, Swoops is a blockchain-powered game, which means, beyond owning and managing a 100% unique team with NFTs, there is also the ability to participate in real-money contests with your teams and win cash prizes every day.

If your dream was ever to own, operate and profit from your own basketball team franchise, this is your chance. In addition, the project is backed by the people I named above plus high caliber investors like Courtside Ventures, Slow VC, Alpaca VC and several NBA ownership groups.

Swoops is a play-to-earn game and feels like traditional fantasy basketball, but with its own IP and a world of robotic players, each of whom is a unique player who evolves and ages over time.

How to play

First of all, you have to build a team. The group of Swoops is made up of an infinite combination of physical attributes and skills. You will never find a duplicate athlete in the Swoops universe.

Consequently, the team you build by either minting or buying players on the secondary market will also have the characteristic of being unique. The goal is to design an original franchise the way owners of a professional basketball team do.

Secondly, you will have the opportunity to enter daily contests, as, every day you will find open games against other sports managers participating in Swoops from all over the world.

To play in a “versus” match, you must have at least one Swoops player, and you are allowed to complete the rest of your team with players from the free agent pool at no cost to you.

Each game is then simulated using their own patented and official simulation technology. This provides a full score once the game is over and can be used to make future lineup and team decisions. The idea is that the more you play, the more you learn about the team you are managing.

The last step is the possibility of earning real money. While, the “season 0” I mentioned earlier that Swoops launched is free, starting with “season 1” (scheduled for fall 2023) real money games will be activated.

Users will pay a fee to participate in a paid contest and the winner of that game will win the prize pool. This is a new experience, as basketball fans have never before been able to build, own, manage and profit from these fantasy game teams.

The “versus” mode of Play Swoops

The Swoops game is supported by NFTs that put you in the owner’s chair. Each NFT is a unique, individual player that is used in the game modes Swoops releases throughout its expansion.

Non-fungible tokens can be minted, purchased or exchanged for other players that the person wishes. Also, they have the characteristic of being able to develop them and make the NFTs, and therefore the players, improve over time.

Finally, some of the encouraging data of the project is that they currently have 400 players with official names, 140 teams with official names and 33 Twitter accounts that are already created as Swoops team, e.g. “@The_Robellion” y “@GlobeTRONers“. Also, at the time of this writing they have more than 76 ETH in total trading volume on the OpenSea secondary market.

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Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.