What is “OpenSea Clone Script” by WeAlwin Technologies?

WeAlwin Technologies, is a leading blockchain technology development company. They currently have a service called “OpenSea Cloning Script”. What is it about? In this NFTexpress article I will explain what it is and how it works.

WeAlwin Technologies, is a prominent company and a leader in the crypto ecosystem. They focus on all things blockchain development and offer services to several major platforms with the goal of growing and expanding the blockchain industry worldwide.

The main motive of this company is to provide world class blockchain based development products and services. Currently, they have around 300 global customers with 100% satisfaction and have positioned themselves as a reliable blockchain developer company in the global market territory.

WeAlwin is working in the blockchain field 5 years ago and the team of developers has at least 7 years or more of experience in the IT Blockchain field.

They work with all types of blockchain such as Ethereum, BSC, EOS, Cardano, Tron and Solana, among others. Also, they not only work in the field of NFTs, but cover other industries such as: enterprise technology, crypto exchanges, lending and credit, insurance, metaverse, healthcare, real estate, and many more.

If your idea is to create an NFT project and you don’t have the equipment or you are simply not familiar with programming and application development, WeAlwin Technologies offers different services to be able to create any type of commerce on the blockchain.

In this opportunity we will see what the OpenSea Cloning Script is and how it works.

OpenSea cloning script

The OpenSea cloning script is a pre-built software development environment, which incorporates absolutely all the important, major, modern and advanced features currently available in the original OpenSea.

This excellent replica of OpenSea NFT Marketplace created by WeAlwin facilitates a fully customized application development option.

Consequently, it can be a perfect solution for startups or projects that want to productively start an NFT Marketplace in the Blockchain industry.

This OpenSea collation script is now ready to use and will provide a promising take-off for the NFT market start-up. Moreover, it can be modified as the customer wants and will be adaptable to any kind of non-fungible token business, which is growing every day in the Web3 and Web2 industry as well.

OpenSea Cloning Script Features

Intuitive design

OpenSea WhiteLabel from WeAlwin has an excellent application infrastructure for users to easily and quickly understand the details in the use cases.

Perfect list of collectibles

Users can list their NFTs in multiple available categories, such as: art, music, photography, collectibles, stickers and more. This is important for NFT enthusiasts or investors to filter and identify non-fungible tokens that are of interest to them.

NFT Follow-up

This feature allows you to track and verify certain sales history of NFTs in your Marketplace just like in OpenSea. This is very convenient for users.

User activity tracking

As an administrator, you can intelligently track live user activity from the OpenSea cloning software control panel. This will allow you to govern the platform in a stronger way compared to other marketplaces.


The multi-chain NFT Marketplace helps the company as it progressively attracts many crypto investors from all over the world using specific blockchains.

Escrow option

WeAlwin experts provide the domain service by developing smart contracts on the media for escrow token transactions. This is done to prevent attacks from third parties.

Integration of multiple wallets

Users can easily and quickly integrate many Web3 wallets such as MetaMask to start trading effectively on their OpenSea clone Marketplace NFT platform.

Payment gateway

Buyers have the possibility of being able to use different fiat currencies, as well as different cryptocurrencies to buy the NFTs they want and desire from its non-fungible token Marketplace.

Seamless API connectivity

With this feature, seamless API integrations can be realized based on WeAlwin customer requirements. Consequently, building a better marketplace is possible in a high-end, mid-range and low-end product.

Use cases offered by WeAlwin for your OpenSea clone

  • User login: users can complete the registration processes by updating the relevant details.

  • Wallet integration: after the registration process, users can easily connect their own Web3 wallets.

  • Explore NFTs: sellers can list their NFTs from their wallets directly to the platform audience.

  • Selling NFTs: a seller can easily choose the NFT he wants to sell under any payment mode (auction or fixed price) and at what amount if any.

  • Buy NFTs: buyers can select the desired NFTs and then purchase through the corresponding payment method.

  • Secure transactions: after purchase, transactions are completed securely on the basis of smart contracts.

Benefits of the OpenSea Cloning Script

One of the benefits offered by this OpenSea cloning script is the reliability of the software, since, it is an excellent replica of the largest and globally recognized Marketplace for its level of security and data protection. In addition, it will also run on a distributed blockchain network and will have layers of data protection (smart contracts and end-to-end encryption).

Another benefit of this WeAlwin tool is the possibility of greater scalability, as the OpenSea clone will develop high user traffic through instant trade confirmations. Consequently, your business can gain greater scalability if combined with a good marketing and expansion idea.

Finally, this service offers high liquidity by allowing digital assets on its platform to be bought and sold easily and quickly without much effect on value.

The revenue model for OpenSea Clone Script

The minting fee is one of the revenues that will be given for the NFT platform charges and the process of taking digital assets to convert them into non-fungible tokens. Another income will be the listing fee, as, you can charge to list your NFTs on your platform.

The bidding fee is another of the revenue models that this clone allows thanks to auctions and bids from buyers for particular NFTs. Also, there are transaction fees as in the case of Marketplace Rarible, which was one of the first to introduce this feature.

Markets and Blockchain

In terms of markets, WeAlwin allows to introduce the OpenSea Clone Script to different areas such as: art, games, memes, music, metaverse, domains, PFP, sports, among others.

Finally, the blockchains that can run on this tool are: Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Tron, Cardano and Polygon.