What is NFT Helpers?

NFT Helpers is a community of creators and artists that seeks to create new ways to bring value to the Web3 ecosystem, but especially to the non-fungible token industry. In this article you will learn all about this project and its work so that more and more communities adopt this technology linked to art.

NFT Helpers is a community of creators and artists who are continuously working in different ways to generate more value in Web3, but more specifically focused on the technology of NFTs linked to art. The goal of this community is to help every artist who wants to get involved in these new paradigms, by building a healthy community full of opportunities, developing different paths and strategies in order to serve the members of NFT Helpers.

Currently, they are working on a NFT collection of their own that will be coming out in 2023, but there is no confirmation date yet. However, if you are a creator or artist you can already be part of “The Tribe“, the community that NFT Helpers is building to give even more value to NFTs and the whole Web3 ecosystem.

How to join La Tribu?

There are different ways to be part of the community of Helpers community community while waiting for the launch of the NFT collection itself in 2023. These ways are as follows:

  • Level 1 – Visitor: with this first level, users can visit La Tribu and join without any requirements. However, they may not be allowed to participate in the meeting areas or the work area.

  • Level 2 – Creator: people who have the possibility of being level 2 are owners of a “Helpers POAP”. These are creators of the community and at the same time, they collaborate directly in the mission of NFT Helpers, since they have a POAP that works as a premium membership for La Tribu. Also, they will have the exclusivity of entering the Whitelist of the collection in this year.

How to obtain a POAP from NFT Helpers?

To acquire a POAP from NFT Helpers you must be attentive to the official channels of the project, since, usually there are physical or virtual events where they try to give a NFT to all attendees. The next events can be seen here.

In addition, POAPs that function as premium memberships are given to those who listen and participate in the Twitter Spaces (there are usually quite a few per month). You can see when the Spaces will be held here.

In addition, if your idea is not to attend any of these events, they can also be purchased on secondary marketplaces such as OpenSea here.

POAP “Event in Buenos Aires” – source: NFT Helpers OpenSea

Who is behind the NFT Helpers community?

The team that runs this community is made up of two people, who are:

  • Blastriade – General ManagementBlastriade : is a visual and digital artist with more than a decade of experience in buyer psychology, face-to-face and telephone sales, and team management. She has also worked in internal development and planning.

  • Sanchy – Strategy ManagementSanchy: together with Blastriade, he is developing NFT Helpers and owns a company in Uruguay where digital projects are developed. Also, he has fourteen years in business and website development, team management, digital marketing, copywriting, and more.

Where NFT Helpers is aiming for the long term

NFT Helperstogether with his team, want to achieve a community that is the center of NFT creativity (especially in Latin America), and that there are thousands of creators and artists, both amateur and professional.

At the same time, they want to attract different organizations and other communities that share this interest in art and NFTs with the goal of constantly nurturing the community of NFT Helpers.

In addition, one of its missions is to help those people who create projects, initiatives and art in the ecosystem of non-fungible tokens, to achieve their goals and succeed in this new paradigm that every day takes more adoption.

Tools used by NFT Helpers to create value

NFT Helpers uses various tools beyond Twitter to generate day-to-day value in their community of NFT art enthusiasts and professionals. Currently, they have a Discord server where people can meet and interact with each other to form different bonds.

Also, they have a profile on Objktwith the objective of acquiring different NFT works and showing support for projects created by members of the community. Another of the spaces that uses NFT Helpers as a tool is Oncybera metaverse that allows to showcase all the non-fungible token art Helpers is currently involved in. Among the highlights is the song With You by Paula Pazoswhich if you don’t know it I invite you to read my article in which I tell you all about it.

In addition, NFT Helpers is present in other Web2 applications such as YouTube, where they upload different interesting podcasts that you can listen to here here. Finally, in their official website you can find a section called “Library“where both Blastriade and Sanchy, have written different articles related to NFTs such as: what are non fungible tokens, how to start in this ecosystem being an artist, different wallets to interact with Web3 projects and multiple Marketplaces.

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Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.