What is Krapopolis?

Krapopolis is an animated series that will premiere in 2023 by the renowned entertainment company FOX, but what does it have to do with NFTs? It is that they have announced that through non-fungible tokens, a person will be able to participate in the show’s episodes.

Krapopoliswill be a cartoon-style television program and will premiere in 2023 on FOX, one of the most important companies in the world of entertainment. Its creator is Dan Harmon, also known for bringing to life the famous animated series “Rick and Morty”.

Currently, they have announced a collaboration with Blockchain Creative Labs (BCL), FOX Entertainment’s Web3 technology company, with the aim of launching a Krapopolis NFT collection. Accordingly, several non-fungible tokens, will allow different fans of the series to be chosen to participate in it.

The NFT collection they have launched is called “Krap Chickens” and is made up of 10,420 Krap Chickens NFTs. Each NFT lives on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721.

In addition, the non-fungible tokens are uniquely generated artwork illustrated by the same team that created the show. Also, they have different layers of attributes, which are randomly assembled to form a complete NFT with different distinct personalities.

What is innovative about this collection is that as the program develops, not only will the NFT elements be seen in the chapters, but users will also be able to use it as a ticket to access different experiences and exclusive benefits.

Those lucky enough to own the rarest NFTs in the collection will have the chance to appear as a background character in the finale of the first season of Krapopolis (at least two seasons of the series have already been confirmed and will be seen on FOX).

Fans who want to obtain one of these rare NFTs named “Keys to Krapopolis“, must participate in a digital scavenger hunt starting December 7, 2022. Also, there will be a quiz with questions related to the series and the winner will be able to appear next to the one with the Keys to Krapopolis at the end of the season.

Scott Greenbergchief executive officer of BCLScott Greenberg, BCL’s CEO, spoke about this partnership with the animated series and said that while when the Krap Chickens collection was announced, which offered several benefits such as early access to screenings and meet-and-greets with the entire team, the new Keys to Krapopolis collection shows evidence that this partnership with Web3 can be timeless and provide new benefits such as engaging fans directly with the animated series. Now, with this Keys to Krapopolis collection, it shows evidence that the utility in Web3 can be timeless and provide new benefits such as fan engagement directly with the series.

What will Krapopolis be about?

Krapopolisis an animated comedy set in Ancient Greece. It was created by Dan Harmon, also known for creating Rick And Morty.

The first season will focus on a rather odd family of humans, gods and monsters trying to run one of the world’s first cities, but without the need to kill each other.

First, they have launched the collection of NFTs called Krap Chickens, which gave holders the chance to vote on elements of the show, view exclusive content ahead of its premiere in 2023, join contests and attend unique real-life experiences with the cast and crew of Krapopolis.

Who is Dan Harmon?

Dan Harmonis a writer, producer, creator and actor. He won an Emmy and is the creator/executive producer of the comedy series Community. He is also the co-creator/executive producer of one of the most successful animated comedy series of recent times called Rick & Morty.

He is currently working as executive producer and is the creator of this series that we are featuring in this NFTexpress article.

Finally, although it is an animated series, the characters will be voiced by prestigious voices such as Hannah Waddingham (Ted Lasso), Pam Murphy (Mapleworth Murders), Duncan Trussell (The Midnight Gospel), Richard Ayoade (The IT Crowd) and Matt Berry (What We Do in The Shadows), among others.

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Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.