What is GEN-X NFT?

Gen-X is a community that is specifically focused for people who lived their best moments back in the ’80s. The digital collectibles they will be releasing will be retro pop culture and will function as membership to an online community, among other things. We will learn more in this NFTexpress article.

Gen-X is a community geared exclusively for people who lived their best times in the ’80s and now feel they have been left behind by technological advances. Gen-X digital collectibles will be retro pop culture and will function as online and IRL (real life) memberships. Also, with this NFT they will be able to learn some Web3 skills, get unique art NFTs and have fun in this ecosystem.

In addition, this project aims to entertain, educate and empower the “Gen-X” generation.Gen-X“. The mission is to enable more than 65 million Gen-Xers who were born between 1965 and 1980 to learn about and interact with these NFTs and all the benefits that come with owning them.

The Gen-X NFTs will be retro, nostalgic and pop culture. They will be stored on the Ethereum blockchain and each will represent a one-of-a-kind digital collectible.

So far, they confirmed two different collections, which are:

  • VIP tokens, which contain a total of 789 non-fungible tokens.

  • Genesis, with the amount of 8675 NFTs.

Both collections will give the owner the possibility to obtain a membership pass to both a virtual and physical community, which will be driven by the nostalgia and love of the ’80s.

The NFTs of the collections are designed by the artist Aâdilawho worked for over a year to create the hundreds of features and accessories that the NFTs will have. All of these were hand-drawn, capturing the ambiance of the ’80s to make it feel like a work of art from that time.

People who obtain the minting of these non-fungible tokens will take random features and accessories with them and consequently, each digital asset will be truly unique combining all the things that those who enjoyed the ’80s will feel represented again in this new digital era.

Other benefits of this collection

The best things to expect for this collection if your idea is to mint a NFT are:

  • Access to an exclusive community that in addition to talks, relive old and good times, you can get educational material to understand about non-fungible tokens in depth, blockchain, cryptocurrencies and the entire Web3 ecosystem.

  • You will receive invitations to retro events in virtual and real-life modalities to re-enter the culture that many people enjoyed and grew up in.

  • They will have the possibility of access to upcoming free mintages for future collections and airdrops from Gen-X NFT also based on Latchkey Kids.

  • The opportunity to be chosen to own one of 20 mystery NFTs to exchange for a customized digital asset.

On the other hand, there will also be 30 1:1 NFTs called ultras rare and they can be minted in the next mint. These digital artworks will basically be parodies of iconic moments of ’80s culture.

¿Who is the team behind the project?

Members of Generation X, Jesse Rosenblatt y Sarah Monson are the driving forces behind this project. Both have more than 40 years of media experience, including Emmy Award-winning television shows, Super Bowl commercials and Fortune 100 commercials.

In addition, they have created a team of experienced Web3 experts and creators, the two founders said they are ready to conquer this new digital era.

They also added that they are convinced that the members of the Generation X will love the collectibles and will feel the pop culture of the ’80s again. Another thing the Gen-X is that the goal is to unlock fun and shared childhood memories of those times when things were perhaps simpler and more fulfilling.

Finally, they ended their remarks by saying that they hope that the people who join Gen-X NFT can also indirectly grow the Web3 community and its entire ecosystem.

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Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.