What is DL3ARN?

DL3ARN is a platform that provides multiple online courses and uses blockchain technology to help both students and course creators meet new learning goals and fully understand the ecosystem.

DL3ARNis a project that aims to be the first online course platform that uses blockchain technology as the basis of its development. The intention of this startup is to revolutionize the way people learn, since, it focuses on a Web3 product where both students and teachers can obtain benefits by interacting with this platform.

Although this project has just begun to take shape, they already have more than 11 courses on their official website and around 50 students who are learning and interacting with Web3 technology at the same time.

On the other hand, the platform is not created for exclusive teachers to upload their courses, but for anyone who wants to teach something about the blockchain ecosystem (or any other topic) to have the opportunity to create and show their knowledge so that other people have the opportunity to learn. For that, it will be necessary to communicate to this email: contacto@dl3arn.com.

As previously mentioned, DL3ARN is developed with blockchain technology, therefore, it uses Ethereum and Polygon blockchains. Likewise, they have confirmed that they are working hard to expand to more networks in the future, since, they want to be a platform that uses multichains in their service.

Another of the most important features of this educational tool is its philosophy, since, DL3ARN focuses on earning when the teacher and/or the student earns. Consequently, uploading a course is completely free and the platform will start charging 5% when NFTs are sold at launch and 2.5% for the sale of the NFT in the marketplace.

Why do I talk about NFTs if what is being acquired is a course? The answer is because the courses are non-fungible tokens. Another novelty and innovation of this learning center that aims to decentralize the teaching of people.

Joan Duarte Politico-founder of DL3ARN said that since they focused on the development and execution of this idea, the purpose was to solve an everyday problem, since, learning, study pages and others have become boring and outdated for the student. For that reason, this new way of sharing online and decentralized courses through blockchain technology was created.

Moreover, once it launches the NFT collection of the course, the course will be available for purchase on other marketplaces on the blockchain of the creator’s choice. In addition, any NFT marketplace that displays collections from that blockchain (e.g. OpenSea on Polygon) is going to be able to market the collection (the course).

¿How to buy a NFT course?

The NFT courses can be purchased with certain applications that serve to have the best experience on the Web3. This time I will explain you step by step how to purchase the free course “My first NFT”. It is worth clarifying that you will only have to pay for the transaction, since, to sign a smart contract in blockchain you must pay a small percentage charged by the network itself.

DL3ARN recommends several cryptographic wallets such as Rainbow, Trust Wallet, Coinbase, among others. However, they believe that the most practical, because of its recognition, popularity and security to start with is MetaMask.

After you have downloaded this wallet in your web browser, you will need crypto to purchase the course. The best way is to have an account on an exchange like Binance and buy ETH or MATIC to send to your MetaMask.

Afterwards, once you have your cryptos in the wallet, you will have to connect it with the platform DL3ARN platform and click on the “MINT” button, a MetaMask tab will open to accept the transaction and wait a few seconds for it to be confirmed.

Finally, if the transaction went through and was confirmed, the course “My first NFT” will already be in the student’s possession and he/she will be able to start watching, enjoying and learning from it. The curiosity is that in addition to having a course to learn, you will also have an NFT that will recognize that you are taking this course on the platform.

¿Who is the team?

The DL3ARN team is made up of a total of four people, who are co-founders and in turn, work hard to bring the first educational experience developed 100% with blockchain technology in all its senses. They are: Joan Duarte Politi, Franco Quattroqui, Ignacio Borzone y Lucio Luchini.

Finally, on the official website you will be able to know everything about the project and also, its Roadmapwhich is undoubtedly interesting and will give you a glimpse of what they have prepared for the coming years.

Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.