What is Capture App?

Capture App, is a decentralized Web3 camera application. It is the first of its kind and promises to allow users to easily and simply create and share any type of digital collectible by minting NFTs in the app.

As different technologies advance on our planet, we find thousands of images per day, which contain false information or news that are not real. This generates theories and conspiracies that go viral on any social network.

Fact-checking helps, but it often has limitations, as Artificial Intelligence is becoming more sophisticated every day and creates false content that not all people are able to distinguish.

Capture AppCapture App, aims to accurately preserve history in a world where “seeing is believing” no longer applies and verification of facts is limited by many factors that alter it. The idea is to use this new technology to provide an effective solution through verifiable digital images.

This tool was created by Numbers Protocol and is an application that reproduces traceable images that verify their origin. In terms of the technological framework, Capture App supported the C2PA project and helped in the development of its standard. Numbers Protocol also partnered with Starling Lab and Reuters to provide technological support for its project.

Capture is the first blockchain camera that captures images and videos (joining the C2PA standard). In addition, the tool allows creators and users to easily create and share on Web3 by minting NFTs in the same application and making assets traceable and verifiable.

How Capture App works

When taking a picture or recording a video, Capture App will not only extract the date, time and location (with the user’s permission), but will also take information about the equipment used, such as its owner and all its sensors.

A unique “Nid” will then be generated for the image and recorded in a blockchain. This Nid is a 59-character string that is cryptographically created and serves to distinguish the digital asset within the network. It also ensures that any file with a Nid can be easily identified, verified and tracked within the network.

In order to understand it a little better, Capture App will automatically generate a digital asset as for example LinkedIn generates a CV file of a user instantly. This digital collectible automatically created by Capture App for the image will contain all the image information.

By opening this information, the user can quickly trace the origin of the image. As a result, it can be used not only for everyday image creation, but also for the professional production of digital content creators.

Capture App features

The basic functions contained in Capture App to be used free of charge on both Android and iOS are:

  • Main button: by clicking on it, the user will be able to take a picture; holding it down will record a video.

  • Camera functions: contains different functions such as zooming, switching between front and rear camera, reducing the image quality if necessary (using the HD button) and more.

  • Basic editing functions: This feature of the application only supports basic cropping and a black and white filter. The objective is to ensure authenticity.

  • Information page: after a photo is taken, it is immediately recorded on the blockchain and saved in a distributed IPFS storage. The information page can be viewed by clicking on the image, where the date, time, location, Nid (IPFS ID), Hash, format, creator and signature will be displayed.

  • Share functions: the “Share” button allows the user to view the complete information on the blockchain, copy the IPFS address or share a direct link to the asset.

  • Other actions: first of all, in the menu you will find the word “More”, there the user can edit the description of the image, without the need to publish it on the platform. Also, it can be coined as NFT or create a decentralized file in the “Network Actions” button.Finally, the device information page and the Numbers online database can be deleted. However, the information on IPFS cannot be deleted and can still be accessed via Nid through IPFS.

About Numbers Protocol

Numbers Protocol is developing a decentralized photographic network. The goal is to generate a community, with value and trust. The Numbers ecosystem is created by a set of tools that record and retrieve images and videos on the network through its protocol.

Some of its tools are:

  • Capture AppCapture App: the world’s first blockchain camera where users can easily create photos and videos through a Web3 app.

  • Seal APIAny developer and/or company can use the Numbers API to register any type of file.

  • CertificatesCertificates of authenticity of content originating from the blockchain.

  • CaptureClub MarketplaceA native NFT marketplace that allows artists to sell and auction their creations.

  • NFTs Search EngineNFT search engine: this Web3 search engine for NFTs helps users to verify the history of the non-fungible token and thus prevent possible fraud with digital assets (NFTs).

How to make NFTs in the Capture App

The team confirms that photos created in principle with the Capture application are not NFTs, but digital assets that retain their ownership and context. However, upon request, an additional NFT layer can be added to the image or video through a tokenization process. As a result, the asset itself will remain unchanged to the naked eye, but additional information containing data related to the NFT in the asset will be added on the back end.

On the other hand, if the user decides to purchase an NFT at Capture AppIf the user decides to purchase an NFT in Capture App, he/she will only have to visit the page of the photo he/she is interested in and click on the “Collect” button, complete the payment process and the NFT will appear in the “Collected” section of his/her profile.

Finally, all transactions within Numbers Protocol (purchases and sales) are performed with the native token called $NUM. It is the project’s utility token and is created so that users can create, archive, verify, buy and sell any asset within the application. At the time of this article it has a value of $0.039 cents, according to CoinMarketCap.

All investment or financial opinions on behalf of NFTexpress should not be taken as recommendations. This article is informational/educational material. Before making any type of investment do your own research.

Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.