What are Wenew Labs NFTs?

Wenew Labsis an important company in the NFT ecosystem, since it was founded by the world’s most recognized artist and designer in Web3, Beeple, together with Michael Figge, Guy Oseary and Tim Smith. Currently, this project was acquired by Yuga Labs.

Wenew Labs, is a company co-founded by BeepleWenew Labs, one of the pioneering artists in Web3. In addition, Michael Figge, Guy Oseary y Tim Smith were also part of the creation of this NFT platform.

One of the first initiatives of the project was Wenew MomentsWenew Moments, a platform where artists and creatives had the possibility to turn historical moments into digital collectibles. In other words, Wenew functioned as a curator of iconic moments and has gone on to secure collaborations with world-renowned brands.

The platform’s first auction was a partnership with Wimbledon, one of the best-known brands in the world of sports, and Andy Murrayand a successful British tennis player.

The collaboration made it possible to celebrate Murray’s 2013 victory through a one-of-a-kind NFT that ended up selling for $177,000.

Another strategic alliance of Wenew was with Louis VuittonLouis Vuitton, where they managed to immortalize the 200th birthday of the founder of this luxury brand. They also created postcards commemorating important milestones in the history of the fashion house.

In addition, Beeple was commissioned to design a series of NFT videos featuring Louis Vuitton in futuristic cities.

However, the most famous collection of Wenew’s NFTs is called the 10KTF. Here, the platform presents work that revolves around the fictional artisan Wagmi-San. The story this collection wants to tell takes place in a store called 10KTF, set in a virtual city of New Tokyo.

Wagmi-San becomes the owner of the store and thanks to his great success, he attracts the attention of the Boss Toadz mafia. In the quest to defend his store, Wagmi-San delivers the necessary tools to his “10K TrueFriends”, which will allow him to manufacture items from blanks and backed by these items, they set out on missions to save the store.

The NFTs used by this project as avatars for the 10KTF are non-fungible PFP tokens (profile picture) who will be the hero solving the quests. However, you cannot use just any PFP; you must use a collection that is supported by the Wenew project.

10KTF’s main PFP list includes major NFT collections such as: Moonbirds, Cool Cats, MeeBits y Bored Ape Yacht Club. Using a non-fungible token from these projects as a base, a 1:1 derived item can be created for Wenew.

The elaboration of elements in blank spaces

In order to participate in the missions, you must have at least one item crafted from the blanks. They can be purchased directly from the official 10KTF secondary market at OpenSea or create it yourself from the blanks.

When creating the elements yourself, the design reflects the design of the main PFP. Collection blanks can also be purchased from the project’s 10KTF Stockroom, which is also available from OpenSea. Various items used are caps, combat shoes and socks.

In addition, to create your own items, beyond the blanks, you will also need supplies such as scissors, tape measures and thimbles. These tools are available at Wenew’s warehouse.

All NFTs (PFP, blanks, item and tools) have to belong to the same wallet in order to enter and design everything you need to save Wagmi-San’s store.

How to join missions

The 10KTF missions take place at Battle Townwhere users connect to the web using a compatible wallet and choosing one of the missions from the list.

On the other hand, the equipments are composed of a PFP avatar that I named above and up to 5 created items. For example, you can build a load with items made from the same main design or create a mixed set from other collections.

As you might expect, I’m sure you’re wondering how do I participate if I don’t have a PFP from these extremely valuable collections? Well, if it’s not possible to own a NFT from the supported collections, you can join the 10KTF missions by choosing a blank avatar. However, you will need at least one crafted item. Also, it should be noted that, in this case, the game rewards will be significantly lower.

Another way to create an outfit is to use an NFT from the collection. Gucci GrailThe 10KTF project, as the 10KTF project, achieved a collaboration with one of the most famous fashion houses in the world.

Teams built with Gucci Grail PFP do not require another item for the mission, but their owners can enhance the equipment by adding other tools.

A series of consecutive successful Battle Town missions will cause a certain amount of APE to be distributed. APE, the token paid out in the game. Players will earn their share of rewards depending on the strength of their charges.

Final Conclusions

Wenew Labs is a project that promises to be used as a successful play-to-earn game and players who are part of it, receive rewards. Although it presents a series of collections of great value, the missions and gameplay of the game are fluid and you can earn while you play.

In addition, after Yuga Labs, one of the most recognized and successful Web3 companies in the NFT ecosystem, managed to acquire this project, it can be taken as Wenew Labs can be successful in the long term with different missions and NFTs within the project.

Finally, the variety of services provided by Wenew Labs (Moment NFT and 10KTF) means that it will continue its quest to provide benefits to owners of non-fungible tokens, whether playing to win or itself, auctioning iconic moments from the world of sports, fashion, and more.

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Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.