Web3 Opera Browser launched its new NFT Analytics tool

Opera’s Web3 browser launched its new “NFT Analytics” tool called DegenKnows for users who want to do a full analysis of non-fungible tokens.

The previous week, Opera Crypto Browser announced a set of new features for its web browser with the aim of consolidating its position as one of the industry leaders in terms of innovation and adoption of Web3 technology.

The NFT Analytics tool is DegenKnows.io and is the new functionality for analyzing and exploring the NFTs that exist in the market. This will help cryptos users to seamlessly discover and verify the digital collections of non-fungible tokens that exist and will exist in the ecosystem.

DegenKnows is Opera Crypto Browser’s latest acquisition created to explain the decentralized web. This innovative web browser part tool has integrated blockchains from NEAR Protocol (NEAR), Elrond (EGLD) and Fantom (FTM), which are in addition to Ethereum, Bitcoin, Polygon, BNB Chain and more.

Along with the new NFT Analytics, Opera Crypto Browser enabled a feature that makes Web3 more accessible, since, they will allow to register human readable identifiers or also known as DNS, for example NFTexpress could have its identifier in this way: nftexpress@opera. This will generate that cryptographic wallets through this tool will be able to operate for free among them.

How DegenKnows works

Whether you’re an NFT guru or a person just starting to interact with the Web3 experience, DegenKnows.io it has the tools to help analyze different saints both on and off the blockchain. This will make it possible for users to explore and discover NFTs before they gain mass popularity or even, before they are minted.

One of the features of this function is: NFTs projects for sale and upcoming in the “Recommended” page. In this way it will be possible to study graphs to understand the popularity of different projects and to know which collection among the audience has more interaction on social networks such as Twitter and Discord (two of the most used platforms by the non-fungible token community).

Consequently, the user will be able to get insider information on the most popular NFT projects and evaluate if they are just a bubble or if the collection has a future. Also, it will be possible to follow the activities of collectors, influencers and opinion makers in the NFT ecosystem.

User interface presented by Opera Crypto Browser

DegenKnows in addition to having on-chain data, will provide off-chain data from social media sources and will also be able to do analysis of the teams behind the NFT projects. Aggregate information on team information will include the number of social media followers, number of active members and total mentions over a 24-hour time frame.

DegenKnows will also offer a kind of feed with the most important content and publications of the project, which will give extra information when analyzing where to invest and if it is really worth it, social networks are extremely important in a NFT project to know if people are interested and interact with the collection.

This aforementioned tool is very important, since social networks such as Twitter are full of bots. Consequently, you will be able to know immediately if the community of a project is genuine or not.

Another feature offered by this new Opera Crypto Browser functionality is tracking the whales of the NFT ecosystem. It is called “Smart Money” and will allow tracking a number of filtered and trusted wallets that boast high profit performance, such as wallets with BAYC.

This tool will also give you the possibility to divide these wallets into three different categories: Smart Money, they encompass wallets that excel at making profits by trading on secondary markets. Smart Minter, shows wallets that are best for profiting from minting and selling. Smart Holder, are wallets that specialize in holding NFTs for the long term and thus generating value in digital assets.

Susie BattOpera’s crypto ecosystem leader, spoke about the launch of this new tool and said that it is an innovative feature to explore and understand the entire NFT ecosystem to perhaps be able to spot the next big project before other users. He also added that the goal of Opera Crypto Browser is to provide more utility to Web3 and to be able to discover DApps securely through a web browser that is easy and reliable to use.

Finally, users who use the Opera browser will be able to have premium access to DegenKnows for free. In addition, it will be possible to take advantage of the platform to set reminders for upcoming mints, i.e. users will be able to be right at the exact moment when the drops they are interested in are published.

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Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.