Warner Bros launched the NFT collection of Game Of Thrones series

Warner Bros partnered with NFTs platform Niftys and announced the collection of the iconic series “Game of Thrones: Build Your Realm.” NFTs will be released on January 10, 2023 and will include collectibles and avatars from the northern regions of Westeros.

The series Game of Thrones: Build Your Realmwill become the first NFT-format digital collectibles experience from Warner Bros. To make this happen, Discovery Global Consumer Products and Niftysthe application that seeks to connect fans of collectibles, experiences and rewards with NFT technology.

Chapters and Series

The collection will feature different chapters representing the regions of Westeros, one of the cities in the series. Digital collectibles, activities and rewards will be exclusive to each chapter’s houses, classes, characters and regional items.

Moreover, each chapter will be divided into multiple releases called “Series” with the goal of continuing to offer new and unique items to collect, as well as an accessible way for new collectors to join the collection at any time.

Boxes and packages

NFTs will be released in the form of boxes and packs designed to digitally deliver the excitement and surprise of opening collectible boxes. The types of boxes will be premium, traditional and sticker packs.

In addition, the Hero Boxes will contain a digital avatar and different types of collectibles that will align with the chapter and region they represent. Also, the packs will contain a variety of collectibles to help add assets to your collection and increase your avatar’s progress.

Avatars of Heroes and Avatars of Legendary Heroes

The digital avatars are designed to represent different regions of the North. Also, they will be on the program’s insignia and are only available during a specific chapter or on the secondary market.

Fate will decide how each avatar enters the realm, meaning that depending on their various attributes they may be members of the Night’s Watch, find themselves in possession of a historical sword such as Longclaw, or even have a loyal direwolf by their side.

Regarding the legendary heroes, each “Series” release will contain super rare avatars inspired by your favorite Game of Thrones characters. This will give select collectors the opportunity to experience the show as one of the iconic characters from the fantasy series.

Equippable and resource cards

Collectors of these NFTs will have the opportunity to customize and enhance their avatar by collecting and earning collectible cards of different scarcities through Hero Boxes, Booster Packs and other activities. Resource cards will represent items such as metals, food, textiles, among other things, which are designed to be forged together to create equippable cards.

In addition, equippable cards will also be able to represent weapons, shields, outfits, companions and more, in order to equip an avatar. Like the avatars of legendary heroes, there will be different types of rare equippable cards, which are designed to match weapons, scenarios and creatures from the TV show.

Story and challenge cards

Beyond the interactive avatar collectibles, the story cards will give fans the opportunity to create a collection of iconic scenes and moments from the TV series.

For example, Hero Boxes and Collectors Packs will include collectibles called Story Cards, which represent characters, locations and actual battles from the series. Game of Thrones. In addition, various collections and sets of Story Cards can earn you even more rare collectibles when you use them in themed collection challenges.

A word from the Niftys team

Jeff MarsilioCEO and co-founder of Niftys, spoke about the partnership with Warner Bros. Warner Bros and Discovery Global Consumer Products, and said that while the Game of Thrones experience has been a long time coming, the Niftys team has been working hard in partnership with Warner to create one of the most exciting interactive collection experiences for Game of Thrones fans.

He also added that they are excited to introduce more fans, as the series will gain followers with the inclusion of digital collectibles in NFT format because the communities in the Web3 industry are getting bigger every day.

Final conclusions

As I mentioned earlier, the release of this NFT collection of Game of Thrones: Build Your Realm will be in early 2023 and will only have the first chapter of the digital collectibles experience.

Also in the future, Warner Bros. will launch themed activities, site participation and additional digital collectibles.

Finally, the other collectible cards will feature iconic moments, locations, characters and more from the renowned TV series that has already successfully produced and released 8 seasons.

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Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.