Warner Bros Discovery launches NFT of Game Of Thrones

The U.S. company Warner Bros Discovery announced that it will launch a digital collectibles edition inspired by the Game of Thrones franchise, from the HBO production company.

Warner Bros Discovery plans to launch the collection by the end of this year 2022. This project will be realized hand in hand with Nifty’s, a recognized NFT platform.

The collection will be called “Game of Thrones: Build your realm”. It is developed as an experience that will give people the possibility to build their realm in Westeros, with different types of activities oriented to the theme of the franchise, character-inspired avatars, and collectibles of key moments of the series.

With this collaboration with the NFT platform, Warner’s strategy is to move its fans into the digital world of collectibles.

The popular NFT platform made the official announcement via Twitter, where they present the collection hand in hand with Warner Bros, and state that it is a digital collectible experience inspired by one of the most immersive worlds in the history of television, created in collaboration with Daz3D and HBO.

Daz3D is a digital production company in charge of the NFT designs of the collection. On their official site they state that they have the premium assets needed to develop a 3D world. They offer the characters, content and realistic representations of the highest level.

Josh Hackbarth, NFT’s director of business development for Warner Bros., said they are excited to expand the Game of Thrones fandom and franchise with this release of digital collectibles, which will bring fans together on another level. The goal is to create new experiences and ways for them to interact with the stories and characters of the series.

They also announced that the NFT collection will not only be about characters, but there will be avatars that can also be customized by the user, key locations on the map of Westeros, iconic moments of the series, secondary characters, and much more.

On the other hand, there would be the possibility of having additional elements to these NFT and avatars, which would be virtual weapons, teammates, improve locations and characters, allowing fans to develop their own realm.

In turn, Jessica Schell, CEO of Warner Bros Discovery, said that they still continue to sell physical products in stores, but that market is on a downward trend. Beyond that, digital marketing is gaining ground in the market.

It is a great strategy on the part of the Warner Bros. company, since in recent months its balance sheet numbers have not been very encouraging, and consequently the company’s debt continues to grow.

Another point of their strategy in announcing the launch of the collection at this time is that it was made days after the premiere of the last episode of the “House of the Dragon” series.

To date, the companies involved in this project have not provided further details regarding the prices of the items in the collection.

Written by Luciano Garriga (TW:@luchogarriga) for NFT Express