Vueling and Criptan partner to explore the NFT ecosystem

The two companies have entered into a commercial tie-up whereby Vueling will accept cryptocurrency payments, and will enter the NFT arena to provide innovative experiences for its customers.

Vueling is a Spanish low cost airline that is part of the IAG group (which in turn owns Iberia). Criptan is an exchange from the same country of origin, whose platform offers the possibility to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, among many other functions.

On Wednesday, January 11, they announced the formalization of a collaboration agreement between the two companies to explore blockchain technology and specifically the field of non-fungible tokens, in order to provide customers with new immersive experiences, as well as the possibility of being able to pay for airline tickets with cryptocurrencies.

In this regard, the airline officially announced that as of July 2023 they will begin to receive cryptocurrencies as part of payment, thanks to this link with the Spanish exchange.

Jesús Monzó, Vueling’s Distribution and Alliances Manager, expressed his excitement with the partnership, stating that it will place them at the forefront of new technologies and innovation, reinforcing their commitment to their customers, in addition to being able to offer the best tools and solutions to their platform.

In this way, Vueling customers will be able to purchase their airline tickets with cryptocurrencies, whose service is guaranteed by the Universal Air Travel Plan (UATP) technology, which consists of a global payment network for airlines.

In addition to the incorporation of the new payment method, both companies will work together on strategic application research regarding NFTs to offer innovative and immersive solutions for their customers, thus enhancing the user experience through the use of the latest digital tools.

For his part, Jorge Soriano, CEO of the Criptan exchange, said that Vueling is proving to be a leader in innovation, becoming a true digital airline. With this step forward that Vueling has decided to take, it is a demonstration of the potential behind the crypto and Web3 ecosystem.

Likewise, Jorge continued giving his position by mentioning that from Criptan they are convinced that they can improve the user experience (UX), not only from cryptocurrency payments, but also by bringing the advantages of the Web3 ecosystem in the best possible way.

We have previously seen cases of airlines looking to get involved with airline ticket tokenization for example, although Vueling has not specified that this is one of its objectives.

We have on the one hand the alliance of Lemon Cash with TravelX for the sale of airline tickets as NFT, as we communicated from NFTexpress in the respective article respective article. At the same time, we also made known when Air Europa was awarded for its NFT ticketstickets, and the other TravelX linkage with the Argentine low cost airline Fly Bondi.

Vueling is among the three airlines with the highest number of passengers in Spain, accounting for the majority of traffic. In addition, according to the annual AirHelp Score 2022 ranking, Vueling is among the top 3 airlines in the world.

Criptan is a platform for buying and selling cryptocurrencies that has more than 60,000 users and 200 million euros in operations. Jorge Soriano said at the time that the web3 ecosystem is laying the foundation on which a new completely decentralized world will develop.

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Written by Luciano Garriga (TW:@luchogarriga) for NFT Express