Virtua Fighter and OasyX team up to revolutionize the NFT market

They are currently collaborating with the company OasyX for the release of 1000 NFTs based on their fighting game saga.

In the last few months, the idea of different video game companies to enter the Web3 field with the development of projects linked to NFTs has become more and more widespread.

To mention some of the most relevant examples in this regard, we can point out the news we reported about Club 3the NFT club of Animoca Brands and Planet Hollywood, or the alliance of Cool Cats with Animoca Brands and Cool Cats with Animoca Brands for future NFT games, or even the announcement of the launch of the NFT game NFT Symbiogenesiswhich is being handled by Square Enix.

On this occasion, the news that Virtua Fighter, one of the most iconic fighting franchises of the video game firm SEGAhas decided to join the trend of joining the NFT field.

The new has been announced by the company OASYX, as well as by Yu Suzukione of the co-creators and long-time director of the fighting saga, who is working on a series of NFTs based on the game.

Yu Suzuki is one of SEGA’s most famous figures. At the time he also served as producer of the popular car game Daytona USA, the historical first-person shooter Virtua Cop, among others.

Thus, it has taken the decision to carry out this work in collaboration with the company OASYX. This is one of the largest NFT gaming projects, where its main purpose is also to be environmentally friendly. They also offer the development of NFT games on their Oasys blockchain, linking them with other games in the ecosystem, in addition to the interaction with their native OAS token.

Thus, Yu Suzuki’s main goal in linking up with OASYX is the creation of 1,000 NFT based on the Virtua Fighter saga, which would be released in the coming months, and could also be used as avatars in the metaverse.

From the OASYX team, when making the official announcement they mentioned that the NFT series will be based on the 11 characters from the first 3 Virtua Fighter games.

The relevant point is that although the company SEGA is the owner of the intellectual property rights of the saga, it has assigned these rights for these purposes, so it is suspected that they may have done so in exchange for some royalties to obtain a certain amount of income without interacting directly with the project.

As part of Suzuki’s announcement, he stated that during his time as a director at Sega, he developed Virtua Fighter using the innovative technology of the time, which was 3D computer graphics.

At this time, he argues that this is a great opportunity, so it will combine an innovative technology of the moment (such as blockchain), with the first three titles of the Virtua Fighter saga.

To date, the last release of Virtua Fighter for consoles was the remake edition for PS4 called “Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown”, for the launch of its 60th anniversary in 2021.

Written by Luciano Garriga (Tw: luchogarriga) for NFT Express.

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