VIP Pass to the Tribeca Film Festival in NFT format

The famous Film Festival and the OKX exchange are launching the Festival’s first NFT pass for its 2023 edition, whereby each NFT is a work of art and a VIP pass at the same time.

Day by day we report from NFTexpress the continuous and sustained growth of the NFT ecosystem in its various use cases, even reaching the New York Film Festival by offering VIP passes as non fungible tokens.

OKX is the world’s second largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, and one of the main Web3 ecosystems. On this occasion, it has entered into a partnership with the Tribeca Film Festival for the launch of the first NFT pass in the Festival’s history, for the 2023 version.

Each NFT is an exclusive work of art, and in turn serves as a VIP pass. VIP pass for the Film Festival, providing access to screenings, parties with Tribeca co-founders(Robert De Niro and Jane Rosenthal), among other unique benefits that will take place during the festival from June 7-18.

This NFT pass will only be available on the NFT marketplace of the OKX exchange and can be stored in the OKX wallet. Previously, Tribeca formalized a tie-up with AWA Studiosand comic book artist Jonathan Barlett to design the various NFTs for the event’s exclusive passes. These digital collectibles are based on landscapes of Manhattan and Tribeca, as the center of New York’s creative community.

NFTs are developed on the Ethereum network, and cost 0.5 ETH (as of today approximately $749 dollars), if acquired through OKX’s NFT OKX’s NFT marketplace, paying with Ethers previously credited to the buyer’s account. Otherwise, they can also be purchased directly through through Tribeca’s Tribeca’s website, by using a credit card, but in this case the price is higher, reaching the sum of approximately $899 dollars.

Among the benefits can be found:

* An invitation to the special TF 2023 awards ceremony, personally attended by Robert De Niro,

* Meet the most innovative voices of Web3 and NFT on the invitation-only rooftop,

* A limited edition Tribeca Festival item for holders of an NFT 2023,

* To be able to participate in the backstage of immersive games for a one-hour VIP session closed to the public,

* 20% discount on events during an exclusive pre-sale window,

* 20% discount on Tribeca merchandising, to be used physically or digitally, etc.

If the NFT is purchased by credit card, the NFT will be automatically received in the selected wallet within 7 days after the purchase date. If minted directly on the OKX site, the NFT is received in the wallet used instantly.

NFTs are transferable, but the new holder must provide their email and wallet address in order to receive the benefit package.

Haider Rafique, CMO of OKX, said that it is very exciting to be able to partner with Tribeca for the NFT pass. In this way, they will be able to offer attendees a unique Web3 experience, as well as demonstrate the potential of this technology. Their main goal is to inspire artists to become more active in the Web3 field.

Nate Zou, OKX’s director of global Web3 growth noted that creators are now using innovative technologies to tell stories and showcase their artwork, such as NFTs.

Jane Rosenthal, executive director and co-founder of Tribeca, said that the Tribeca Festival has always been a step ahead in linking creativity and technology. In this sense, the new NFT VIP pass is best suited to have the format of a unique digital collectible.

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Written by Luciano Garriga (TW:@luchogarriga) for NFT Express