Vincent Van Gogh Foundation launches NFT collection of the painter’s work

From Vincent Van Gogh Sites Foundation have announced the launch of a NFT collection of the renowned painter’s life and work, so they want to create their space on the web3.

There is no doubt about the potential surrounding non-fungible tokens, and the way in which celebrities continue to join the trend. Just as current artists are being added, the decision is also being made to move celebrity works into the NFT format, to have their own space on the web3.

In this case, they have taken the decision regarding one of the most famous artists in the world, the post-impressionist painter Vincent Van Gogh. Previously, works by the artist have been released through non-fungible tokens, but this time they have taken the initiative to launch an institutional NFT collection by the Vincent van Gogh Sites Foundation (VGSF). The main objective of this collection is to disseminate the artist’s works in digital format, and also to tell his life story. In this way, they seek to reach a new audience, having contact with a younger generation related to the world of technology and digital.

On behalf of the foundation, they have stated that they have partnered with a web3 startup called, which is based in Hong Kong. The collection starts with 6 digital artworks, which were launched on October 10. The remaining works will be released over the course of the remainder of 2022.

From what can be seen on the official website of Appreciator, it is stated that this NFT project consists of 39 monuments of the homeland Van Gogh, so each token will represent an important place in the life of the painter. Currently, it has 84 copies for sale as NFT, so each token is a 3D animation of an artwork of the painter, and a scan of a tree leaf from a related place. The animation shows the leaf encapsulated in a glass display, related to the essence of the project, which is about preservation.

The director of the Frank van den Eijnden Foundation, speaking at an event in Hong Kong, said that through this collaboration they will be able to tell stories to the world about van Gogh’s life and works, which will help preserve his story for future generations.

For those who purchase a non-fungible token from the van Gogh collection, they will also receive other benefits, such as physical souvenirs, engravings, certificates from the Foundation and even wooden boxes with a replica of the associated tree leaf.

On the other hand, the chief curator and artist of the collection, Tomas Snels, said that it goes from the physical to the digital, and then back to the physical elements, referring to the products that will be given to those who buy an NFT from the collection. founder Emily Cheung announced that a percentage of the proceeds from this NFT collection will go directly to the Foundation and to local contributing artists, who will be invited to design new NFTs from the Van Gogh 39 collection.

According to data provided by The Giving Block, a crypto donation site that contributes to helping others through digital assets, they have reported processing more than $12.3 million in donations from the NFT community in 2021.

Likewise, Adam Chen (who is in charge of Appreciator’s curatorship), argued that technology does not take art away from children, but rather technology will lead them to art, highlighting the value of the project for future generations.

The NFTs also represent a new innovative donation model for traditional art institutions, which will also help with marketing strategies and dissemination of initiatives.

Of the 6 themes of the NFTs, it can be broken down into:

A) MILLENIUM NFTs (1-3): these 3 pieces with 25 NFTs each, will result in a total of 75 NFTs that will bring with them an incredible utility. Whoever buys any NFT of these 3 pieces, will in turn get:

* A numbered NFT, on a 3D artwork;

* A certificate issued by the Foundation;

* A numbered “Homeland” box;

* A numbered silver sheet;

* A hand-carved wooden box;

* A VG39 limited edition book.

In addition, the team behind the project will in turn plant a poplar tree for corporate customers who purchase 3 Millennium Edition NFTs. In this way they demonstrate how they contribute to heritage preservation.

B) CENTURY NFTs (4-6): these 3 pieces will have 50 NFTs each, totaling 150 NFTs. In this case, whoever buys a Century NFT will also get:

* A numbered NFT, on a 3D artwork;

* A certificate issued by the Foundation.

These tokens are going to be available to the general public, as they will not be only for members like the Millenium.

Written by Luciano Garriga (TW:@luchogarriga) for NFT Express