Valhalla Web3’s new Twitch?

Valhalla, is an NFT project that aims to be the new Twitch of Web3. The company is based on NFTs and its collection already had more than 23,000 ETH in total sales volume. Today on NFTexpress you will learn all about Valhalla, the new Twitch of Web3.

Valhallais an NFT project whose motto is Gaming x Culture, and it has ambitious ideas, since its goal is to create a platform that can rival Twitch.

Currently, it had a successful mint that sold out quickly, with over 23,000 ETH in total sales volume.

In addition, Valhalla was created by Stacked Studios, the Los Angeles-based developer of Web3 products with the goal of becoming one of the world’s largest crypto project incubators. So far, Stacked has raised the sum of $15 million in funding.

In this NFTexpress article I will review what Valhalla is about and what are the strategies to compete with one of the most important platforms in the world such as Twitch. /First of all, let’s start by getting to know its PFP collection of non-fungible tokens:

Valhalla is an anime-like collection that seeks to bring together players from all over the world and at the same time, build a large community. The founder of the project, Alex Lin, created a thread on his official Twitter, describing Valhalla as a native crypto brand for gamers. If you want to read this post, you can do so here.

Speaking merely of the collectionThe collection is composed of five types of main characters, each of which has its own unique personality. These characteristics are:

  • Human: this is the primary type that populates Valhalla and are 8510 NFTs, whose personality is relaxing to play, usually do it in a team and are always willing to compete.

  • Toxic: Toxic players are the ones who are in charge of keeping you in ELO hell, the ones who will feed the first blood and the ones who will execute relentlessly. In total there are 645 NFTs.

  • Mech: this character is trained with advanced neural networks to calculate the most efficient path to domination, as a default bot type that they most likely drew themselves using Stable Diffusion. There are 647 non-fungible tokens.

  • Eternal/God: there are only 99 NFTs and they are in charge of trading profitably on a cryptocurrency desk while playing League of Legends on a Challenger level.

  • Demon: there are also 99 NFTs of them and they were born in a PC explosion. They only play between 10:00 pm and 5:00 am. Their performance is 100% organic grass-fed and their bluish skin is derived from the minimal light they receive from their computer screen.

The history and art was created by Hicham Habchia concept artist who has worked with some of the most important gaming and comic book brands such as Marvel, DC Comics and Blizzard, among others.

This project became known worldwide in 2022, after Valhalla made a 3D advertising 3D advertising in the mythical Times Square, which was launched a few months before the official minting of the NFTs.

Also, beyond its impressive publicity, the project launched an innovative minting process, as potential NFT holders could join the community by obtaining reference codes from existing members. This idea created a lot of interest among users and proved successful as thousands of membership applications were submitted.

The success of the collection was so resounding, it sold out in a minute and over the next four days, the Valhalla team had 33 times as many subscriptions and 16,300 paid deposits.

Meet the team behind Valhalla

As mentioned above, Valhalla is a product created by Stacked Studiosbut is led by CEO Alex Lin.

Lin, prior to joining Valhalla was a technology entrepreneur, who had the opportunity to be featured in Forbesas one of the most skilled entrepreneurs under the age of 30.

Then, the total Valhalla team is composed of members with demonstrable experience in a large number of well-known companies. For example Ding Zhangis the lead software engineer at Stacked and prior to joining the project, he was the founding engineer on the Uber membership team.

NFT PFP Human from the Valhalla Collection

Valhalla’s progress to become the Twitch of Web3

As I mentioned earlier, Stacked Studios’ ultimate goal is to create a streaming platform that is 100% owned and operated fairly by content creators as well. Accordingly, they are working to develop the first Twitch for Web3.

The mission of this project incubator is to empower creators so that they can build powerful communities through NFTs like Valhalla. Lin, confirmed that the platform would use governance tokens to turn video streaming creators into direct shareholders of the platform.

Another important thing that Lin mentions in his various talks about this idea is that users will not have to be cryptography experts in order to use the service.

On the other hand, although it is not yet known how far Lin’s idea is from becoming a reality, Valhalla has been working on different projects to create a community and become known in the ecosystem.

In 2022 he organized a tournament for Fall Guys, the popular massively multiplayer Battle Royale game, which was a great success, as, several Web3 projects collaborated to organize another one in the future.

Valhalla also provides holders of NFTs with masks in the form of non-fungible tokens for important dates like the Chinese New Year or Valentine’s Dayamong others.

Another event organized by this project was a ‘replay’ event, which consisted of NFT holders being able to burn a special token to ‘re-shoot’ and get new features on their NFTs.

Among the partnerships that Valhalla generated with other ecosystem influencers such as e-sports teams, the 3 world champions of League Of Legends stand out. T1 and Sentinelsa team that excels in Halo and Valorant.

In February 2023, Valhalla launched its own marketplace where all the programming and alignment promises the team had previously announced when they first learned about the development of the marketplace were fulfilled.

Lastly, they have planned multiple community events such as: a Fornite invitational tournament with over $10,000 in prizes, a community headliner event at a Hollywood Hills mansion in March and a headliner event at NFT NYC in April.

What can we expect from Valhalla and Stacked Studios in the future?

The success that both Valhalla and Stacked Studios will have will depend 100% on their ability to effectively create and deliver on the first Twitch-style streaming platform, but developed entirely through Web3 technology.

On the other hand, the project released a trailer for a game, but it has not yet been confirmed what it is. However, the community is eagerly awaiting news on the progress of the streaming platform, and despite the events and activities they generate with great success, it remains to be seen if they can fulfill the vision of becoming the new Twitch for Web3.

It is understandable that it takes time, since creating a platform that competes directly with one of the most important projects in the digital era, which has more than 55 million hours of viewing per day, is a titanic task. Even if such a Web3 live streaming platform comes out tomorrow, nothing can ensure that it will be a direct competitor of Twitch.

Finally, it is worth clarifying that despite the above, both Valhalla and Stacked Studios are getting great attention from the Web3 gaming community thanks to their great work in events and competitions of different games and also has the financial support of large investors to establish itself as an important company in the ecosystem.

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Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.