Umbro joins sports brands launching NFT collection

Umbro, one of the world’s best-known sports brands, will launch an NFT collection in collaboration with Equitbl-Dnizn, a project that offers to create Web3 services to professional brands for the adoption of digital collectibles.

Umbro joins Nike, Adidas and Puma as the first sports brands to dive into NFTs as digital collectibles to provide exclusive services to their holders. On this occasion, they have partnered with Equibl-Dnizna company that offers to create different verticals for brands and organizations to interact with their consumers in a new, more innovative and technological way.

It will be the first foray of both companies into the digital collectibles market and the project dubbed “UmbroID“. It will go on sale on 7/11 in connection with the next World Cup that will begin in mid-November. From Umbro they have thought that in this context is an excellent opportunity to get the NFTs in question.

Digital collectibles are now available directly through the new Web3 marketplace created by Dnizn. The pre-registration to obtain a NFT UmbroID is already active on the website and later on the official Discord.

The UmbroID, are a set of Umbro + Droid and represent a unique character from the “Nations Collection” (each character is personified with the color and logo of a soccer team). In addition, on their face they have the famous logo of the iconic Umbro brand.

This sports brand are digital representations of soccer fans, who wear different soccer kits that were passing through the English brand since 1924, the year in which the British company was created. Now they want to enter the Web3 space with this futuristic collection represented in NFTs.

Anthony LittleCEO of Umbro spoke about this new collection of NFTs and said they are excited to partner with Dnizn to launch the first digital collectibles for their sports brand. He added that they are proud to officially join the adoption of this new technology, which excites the entire Web3 community. He ended his statement by saying that this collection will represent a new desire to reward all people with an experience that will evolve in the Web3 world.

To design the Umbro NFT collection, Equitbl partnered with AcidFCa design studio specializing in soccer culture. In addition, AcidFC designed some of the most famous international and club uniforms that Umbro wore to present the NFT collection.

Also, Umbro has shared it on its official twitterUmbro’s website, inviting its entire sports-loving community to participate in this UmbroID collection that will offer rewards such as physical and digital giveaways, contests and other benefits for NFT holders.

On the other hand, the Equibl team has worked with different brands such as Coca-Cola, Chelsea FC, Manchester United, The English Premier League, Liverpool, UEFA, FIFA, and many more.

Finally, they have designed separate collections for England and Brazil, but at the same time, they have created the aforementioned jerseys merged and inspired by the classic kits of France, Germany, Mexico, Spain and the United States.

Umbro official collection in physical format

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Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.