UltraDrop: the new Uruguayan NFT music platform that partnered with the band ‘No Te Va Gustar’.

UltraDrop is a Uruguayan platform that seeks to merge music with non-fungible tokens and offer fans the ability to connect even more with artists. They already have Uruguayan band ‘No Te Va Gustar’ and are looking to expand throughout the Americas.

UltraDrop is a platform of Uruguayan origin, which aims to allow music fans to obtain multiple digital collectibles developed through the technology provided by non fungible tokens.

Currently, they have obtained permission to distribute NFTs with the Uruguayan band ‘No Te Va Gustar’ and their platform is powered by the Solana blockchain. Solanawhich means that you will need a cryptographic wallet, which the company itself has recommended to be Phantom.

¿What types of NFTs can be found in UltraDrop?

At the moment you can find up to three types of non-fungible tokens within the platform, these are:

  • Static: they are associated with an image.

  • Music: they have an associated image, but you can also listen to its audio.

  • Video: this feature will allow the user to have an associated image/audio, and also a video clip of the song.

On the other hand, fans will have to pay attention to thoroughly understand the properties of NFTs, as each artist selects a ‘property’ or ‘traits’ in order to distribute their art in different ways.

In addition, as UltraDrop has just been released, the creators of the platform have launched two formats that are completely free and accessible to anyone with a mobile device or computer with Internet access.

These newly named formats are called “Collectible NFTs” and “Commemorative NFTs”.

First of all, Collectible non-fungible tokens are limited edition digital assets, which can contain any type of multimedia content that the artist wants to provide for their fans to collect. These contents can be: album covers, unreleased demos, video previews, first drafts of a song’s lyrics, a poem or exclusive artwork, among many other things.

They have already worked twice with NFTs Collectibles, the first ones were the 100 units of the demo “My Absence“of the band No Te Va Gustar and an exclusive artwork of the single “Back Home“by Damoosic, a limited edition of 24 units.

The other work they have already presented is UltraDrop’s partnership with Guille Taranto for the release of 20 unique NFTs.

On the other hand, the Commemorative NFTs have the same properties as the Collectibles, but the difference is that they are associated to an event or event that the artist wants to highlight. For example: a specific show, an anniversary, the recording of an album, a date or private concert, among other things.

Another difference from the non-fungible Collectible tokens is that the Commemorative tokens are usually obtained by scanning a QR that can be found printed in the different places of the show location on the giant screen of the show.

They can also be obtained through clues that musicians scatter at concerts or in the vicinity of the concert. The mission is that the most loyal fans can find and obtain their NFT in commemoration of their effort and recognition for having searched for them.

UltraDrop's latest NFT with the band No Te Va Gustar - source: Official Twitter

¿What is the current status of the platform?

Currently, UltraDrop is operational by invitation only. This is because it is operating in BETA mode. However, if you are an artist and/or musician you can send a request telling about your project and the reasons why the company should support you to this email address contacto@ultradrop.io.

Finally, beyond the band No Te Va GustarUltraDrop is funding the NFT projects of other well-known artists such as: Guille Taranto, Yalung Tang, Fer Silvera, Santi Vidal y Damoosic.

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Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.