Twitter: “NFT Tiles” to adopt non-fungible tokens in the app

Following the official confirmation of Elon Musk as the new owner of the social network Twitter, a new feature called “NFT Tiles” will be introduced and will allow NFTs to be linked to posts with informative details of the digital collectible.

Elon Musk has acquired Twitter for $44 billion and has always been seen linked to the crypto ecosystem and NFTs. Now, it has become public knowledge the new feature that the billionaire entrepreneur is thinking of adding to non-fungible tokens in the publications of the social network most used by the crypto-user community.

The new functionality is called “NFT Tiles” and allows the linked non-fungible tokens to appear in larger images and also, with details about the NFT artwork. In addition, specific information about the artist and title of the digital collectible will be included. The NFTs ecosystem ends the week with exciting news adding to the success of Reddit’s non-fungible tokens.

The official account of Twitter Dev has made the announcement and added that some links to NFTs markets such as Rarible, MagicEden, Dapper Labs y Jump.Trade will be the first to start accepting this new functionality with features that until today did not exist in the Web3 industry.

However, as we have reviewed, the largest marketplace in the ecosystem, as it is OpenSea (with a volume of approximately $30 billion) is not among the marketplaces chosen by Twitter to create this pilot test of NFT Tiles. However, if the test goes well, it has been confirmed that OpenSea will join this new feature created by the social network.

Twitter has previously introduced a similar tiling system, but for expanding news articles. Now, it will launch this feature to improve the view and crucial information of NFTs.

The tiles related to the non-fungible tokens will automatically expand and show users a full-size image of the NFT image and will include: the metadata, a location link (in which marketplace it exists) and the title of the NFT work.

On the other hand, the social network hosts the largest community of NFTs next to Discord, as cryptos have chosen these two social networks to meet and share all the information of the thousands of collections that are launched daily in the ecosystem.

Since non-fungible tokens became a way to deliver services and benefits in 2021, Twitter has been constantly working to integrate this technology into their platform. In June last year, they launched a free collection of NFTs. In January of this year, it added a hexagonal profile picture feature (PFP) to its premium service “Twitter Blue” where users’ profile pictures are non-fungible tokens. And now, they have launched this new feature news called NFT Tiles.

Elon Musk’s relationship with NFTs

The South African naturalized U.S. citizen has always been in the conversation of whether he is for or against this new technology. In his latest interview Elon he said that digital assets will play a primary role in his Twitter social network.

However, he has also had time to poke fun at non-fungible tokens on occasion. For example, in May of this year he posted a profile picture on his official twitter to a NFT from the collection Bored Ape and then tweeted “I dunno, looks a bit fungible.” In addition, he has called out NFTs as annoying.

Final Conclusions

The new feature implemented by Twitter called NFT Tiles will be a new way for users to expand and adopt this new technology. Currently, it has been launched on a trial basis, but if this new mode has a positive reaction in the community it will undoubtedly stay for a long time in the most used social network in the world along with YouTube, Instagram and TikTok, among others.

Finally, in the last few hours BinanceBinance, the world’s largest centralized exchange, has confirmed that it has participated with a $500 million investment to support Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter. This means that it is almost a fact that the crypto ecosystem, blockchain technology, and Web3 in general, will have more prominence in the social network of the little bird.

Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.