TwelveFold: Bitcoin’s generative collection of unique pieces on blockchain

Yuga Labs announced TwelveFold, a limited edition collection, which is made up of 300 generative pieces and created on the Bitcoin blockchain. In this NFTexpress article you will learn all about this new NFT project.

TwelveFold, is a limited edition experimental collection, which is made up of 300 pieces of generative art and inscribed in satoshis, on the Bitcoin blockchain. Yuga Labsthe company behind the project, confirmed that these NFTs represent a complete art collection, but will have no utility nor does it relate to any other previous, current or future Yuga project, which is based on Ethereum.

That said, the 300 NFTs will be on the Bitcoin blockchain and in TwelveFold have explained that the files, such as in this case an art image, were inscribed in Bitcoin units, called satoshis. As is known, satoshis are the smallest individually identifiable units of Bitcoin. In addition, they confirmed that each non-fungible token in this unique collection was created through Ordinals Protocol.

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Ordinals gained its worldwide popularity after the launch of the Punks collection, much like CryptoPunks on the Ethereum network, but in this case, they are called “BitcoinPunks” and live exclusively on the world’s first blockchain.

Back to the collection of TwelveFoldThe collection will consist of 300 generative pieces that were specially created by the art team working at Yuga Labs. The professionals at this company, which partnered with TwelveFold, used high-end 3D modeling, algorithmic construction and rendering tools to create all the artwork that will be commercialized in a short time.

Also, it was confirmed that the 300 digital collectibles will forever be on the Bitcoin blockchain immutably.

How to participate and own a TwelveFold NFT

All art pieces in NFT format will be sold at auction later this week.. It will be conducted by TwelveFold and will require BTC, as all bids for each of the 300 artworks will be placed with Bitcoin’s native currency.

To participate in these auctions, you will need a self-custodial wallet containing BTC that you wish to use for bidding.

Also, the user who manages to get hold of an artwork will have to have an empty Bitcoin address in order to be able to receive his NFT in case the bid he made was successful and he was able to take the non-fungible token.

On the other hand, TwelveFold has published some recommendations such as, for example, that users who want to participate in this exclusive auction, be perfectly familiar with the practices that will be carried out, as it includes actions such as having an empty wallet dedicated only to receive and store the NFT. In addition, they have shared a guide for setting up the empty Bitcoin address which can be read here.

NFT 1/300 image of the exclusive collection – Source: TwelveFold official web site

Finally, the official Twitter of Yuga Labs, announced that the TwelveFold auction will take place later this week, but also confirmed that 24 hours before there will be a notice telling the details of the auction and the exact time when the auction will take place. For more information, it is recommended to follow Yuga Labs and NFTexpress, since, we will be telling all the news and events of this great news.

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Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.