Travel to space by purchasing a NFT

This is an advertising offer to celebrate the launch of the Crypto Competitions marketplace. It will be open to 7,000 participants and will have only 1 winner, who will win a trip to the edge of space.

Crypto Competitions is an online web3 marketplace based in Australia. It has recently signed a tie-up with a stratospheric exploration company called World View, offering holders of its NFTs the chance to win a place on a World View flight in 2024.

Only one person can be the winner of this prize and become a World View Explorer, enjoying a life-changing trip on a commercial space tourism flight departing from the Great Barrier Reef, Australia.

Crypto Competitions connects users of its site with merchants by offering to participate in free gifts, sweepstakes, experiences, as well as discounts on purchases, travel, fuel, which in some cases amount to up to 60% and are applicable in 10 countries.

It is an NFT project developed on blockchain, being the first of its kind by offering a trip to space.

The sweepstakes is limited to only 7,000 participants. These people will be able to purchase an entry package, which will give them a chance to win the only NFT that entitles you to a ticket for a seat in the stratospheric World View capsule to the edge of space.

The company’s CEO stated that this sweepstakes is seen as a way to celebrate the launch of its web3-powered marketplace by using NFTs and prizes as an incentive to join its platform and access its benefits.

On the other hand, he said that the company decided to use blockchain to power its sweepstakes, as it offers several benefits to make the sweepstakes safe, reliable, transparent and secure.

Generally, in cases such as lotteries and casinos, you never know what your chances of winning are. Instead, in this way you are participating in the creation of a system that becomes more transparent and reliable to generate winners.

If we compare this draw with the traditional lottery, they use 1 single NFT as a representation of the winning “ticket” of the draw.

Harls Cannard also argued that they always wanted to be the first crypto project to take a person into space; they always see in the whole crypto arena that people say “to the moon” (referring to projects that are very promising), so they thought that they can actually do it (or at least take it into space). He stated that they haven’t reached the moon yet, but in this case they are going to take one person from the audience to the edge of space, and this is already epic!

He explained that the sweepstakes system involves a gradual elimination process, until there is only one winner. It starts with 7,000 participants, and people will be progressively eliminated, until the last day there may be 10 people left.

But it also brings hope for those who have purchased their NFTs and are not winners of this sweepstakes. The company is considering ways to encourage those who have been eliminated or new purchasers of NFTs to participate in a secondary sales market for the surviving NFTs.

Harls said they have a goal in the future for their sweepstakes product to eventually include NFT blue chip prizes such as the Bored Ape, among other life-changing gifts for the winner.

Written by Luciano Garriga (TW:@luchogarriga) for NFT Express.