Trademark applications for NFTs and metaverses on the rise

The number of trademarks that have been registered in the United States with respect to cryptocurrencies, NFT, web3 and metaverse so far in 2022 (from the months of January through the beginning of September), have already exceeded those for the entire year 2021.

Day by day we see how the NFT field continues to grow, and it is no stranger to the issue of trademark registration when it comes to intellectual property.

According to information compiled by attorney Mike Kondoudis, and which he has published publicly on the social network Twitter, both human beings and legal persons or legal entities have filed more than 3,600 trademark applications in the United States for cryptocurrencies, NFTs and services related to both. Making comparisons with the number of applications filed in 2021, those numbers have already been surpassed, as in 2021 around 3,516 applications were filed.

But the most relevant statistic is that the largest increase in the number of applications is in the NFT field, since in 2021 there were 2,087 applications, compared to 5,800 in the first 8 months of 2022.

The second line is followed by those related to web3 and metaverses, in the scale of highest growth of trademark applications compared to 2021 to 2022.

If we analyze the graph, the month with the highest number of requests was March, and the month with the lowest number of requests was August.

Among some of the reasons why people are interested in trademark registration, as well as simply getting into the NFT market, are community and flexibility, collecting digital art, accessing games, metaverse, marketing strategies, among other reasons.

Among the trademarks filing applications for registration, we find several well-known companies, such as Burger King, Playboy, WWE, which also plan to issue NFTs and create a support center in the metaverse. American Express, the well-known financial company that issues credit cards, has also filed its application for trademarks linked to NFT.

In cases where the registration of each particular trademark is granted, the law will protect the innovation that each of the companies are promoting; a movement that can provide great advantages that are of great added value in the competitive aspect at the time of launching their marketing and market strategies.

Among the companies driving these metaverse-related developments is technology giant Meta Platforms Inc.

Likewise, large companies that get involved in the NFT world not only do so by applying for trademark registrations, but also by injecting millions of dollars of investment in the infrastructure for building protocols in space, as well as by purchasing land in different metaverses, in order to set up their premises and offices in the virtual world.


Monster Energy filed 4 trademarks with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, which are pending resolution and relate to metaverse and NFT domains.

The first trademark application involves virtual goods such as beverages, sports, music, games, etc. These multimedia files would be downloadable and authenticated as NFT.

The second comprises online retail store services validated by NFT, and a marketplace for buyers and sellers of virtual assets. The third involves entertainment services, and the fourth features software to facilitate the transfer of cryptoassets between users, which will be backed by the use of blockchain.

Written by Luciano Garriga (TW:@luchogarriga) for NFT Express