InmoBalize: The NFT platform for tokenizing properties by Nuclio Labs

It is the first Spanish real estate tokenization platform through NFTs, which has tokenized real estate to the value of $500,000 euros.

The various utilities offered by NFTs are constantly growing, so that every day we can observe new use cases thanks to the benefits they provide.

Thus, the tokenization of various real-world assets has been growing steadily in recent years. One of the first cases was the tokenization of works of art, and now we can observe the case of real estate.

Nuclio Labs is a kind of startup incubator, through which it develops startups and drives their growth. Recently, they announced the launch of InmoBalizewhich is a startup developed by the Nuclio team, through which it acquires real estate and then divides its exploitation rights in order to put them up for sale.

In this way, those users who decide to invest in real estate without the need to have the money to acquire a complete property, can buy proportions of such assets.

That is why InmoBalize offers the possibility of dividing the exploitation rights of the properties in a certain amount of NFTs, with an individual value of 100€. Once the user has made his investment, he will then be able to obtain an income from the exploitation of the property, or he can also commercialize them.

A great news that was recently announced is that the company has managed to close a round of financing, in addition to selling the first real estate NFTs reaching the sum of €500,000, after having achieved the tokenization of its first five properties. On the other hand, they have a goal of reaching $10 million by the end of the year.

Gerard MarabellaCEO and co-founder of InmoBalize, said that they are looking for new generations to find in their platform a way to invest in real estate without being linked to banks. In this way, they seek to give them the freedom they are looking for, and thus not generate an eternal bondage by contracting a debt.

More about InmoBalize

InmoBalize revolutionizes traditional real estate crowdfunding by using NFTs as a means of investment, thanks to the implementation of smart contracts.

One of its objectives is to provide a simple user experience, through which both crypto experts and traditional investors can access NFT trading.

NFTs are developed on the Ethereum blockchain. Once the user makes the purchase of his NFT, he can transfer it to his personal wallet, in order to trade them on various secondary markteplaces.

A clarification made in one of the official articles published in the Medium account of InmoBalize, is that those users who decide to invest in the tokenization of real state, must undergo a KYC/AML process in order to comply with the current regulations for the prevention of money laundering.

On the other hand, they clarify that the purchase of such NFTs does not imply the acquisition of property rights over the real estate. What is acquired are economic rights over the exploitation of such property.

Written by Luciano Garriga (Tw: luchogarriga) for NFT Express.

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