Tokenize hotel reservations in NFT

As we have been arguing from NFTexpress, despite the downward trend of the cryptocurrency market in general, as well as the commercialization in NFT marketplaces, hotel companies continue to engage in the trend of implementing NFTs in their business activities.

As the year 2022 passes, more and more companies want to enter the world of NFTs, to incorporate them into their sales strategies, marketing and all their operations, adding the collaboration with companies in the crypto sector.

This is how we can mention situations in which, thanks to tokenization in NFTs, they managed to get people to start talking about them, even achieving a greater number of reservations, as is the case of the Casa de Campo Resort & Villas hotel.

The hotel’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing stated that they had identified Blockchain technology years ago, and that they believed it was only a matter of time before companies in the hotel sector would join.

Casa de Campo Resort & Villas, located in the Dominican Republic, made a partnership with Pinktada, a platform for hotel reservations, which is based on memberships to users, and comes to give a paradigm shift when booking the stay of your next vacation.

From this linkage between the two companies, rooms can be booked using tokens called RNT, which are transferable on Pinktada’s own platform, thanks to blockchain technology.

If you book a stay through the Pinktada platform, you can get exclusive discounts for the highest category rooms, and you can access a 3D view of the room you intend to book, the services offered, and you can also take a virtual tour of its pools, golf courses, among other areas.

Once a room is booked, it becomes an NFT which can then be transferred, traded and exchanged through Pinktada.

One of the major benefits of this new methodology is to consider the situation in which the reservation was made, but due to some later problem, the person is unable to attend. In most cases, the reservation is lost. What they are offering in this alliance between Casa de Campo and Pinktada, is that this reservation (which is tokenized in a NFT), can be sold or transferred to another person who can attend and enjoy the stay.

And as if that were not enough, at the end of their stay at Casa de Campo, Pinktada users will receive an NFT with souvenirs of their stay at the Dominican Republic Resort.

NoMo SoHo: Pioneer in tokenizing reservations in NYC

The famous NoMo SoHo hotel, part of the Preferres Hotels & Resorts hotel group, was one of the pioneers in the New York (and U.S.) industry to offer stay bookings through NFT.

In this case, the alliance was with the SolidBlock platform and technology. In this way, they offer their NFTstays, a selection of NFTs that include stays ranging from 3 to 6 nights in the hotel. Guests who book through blockchain, have several benefits, such as a complimentary breakfast, a peculiar welcome and the possibility of getting preferential rates in the case of hiring a new stay, but with an open date (something very unusual in this market). In this case, they have a difference with Casa de Campo, those who should take advantage of the benefits granted by the NFT within the next year.

Viceroy Los Cabos: a pioneer in Mexico

Viceroy Los Cabos is also another case of being one of the first luxury resorts to offer tokenization of stays. In this case, its alliance is with Leales NFT, a Mexican crypto consulting firm, which offers access to hybrid events to all its members.

In order to become a member, one must purchase an NFT of an artwork from its creators, and as a benefit they can get discounts of up to 25%, free drinks and meals.

In conclusion, we can see the infinite number of application cases that tokenization offers in NFTs of products and services. One of the best strategies is to offer exclusive benefits in exchange for the purchase of an in-house NFT. In this way, it boosts the recognition and adoption of NFTs, thanks to the benefits that blockchain technology brings.

Written by Luciano Garriga (TW:@luchogarriga) for NFT Express.