Physical objects that survived the Titanic accident to become NFTs

This project to convert physical objects from the Titanic into NFTs will be carried out thanks to a partnership between RMS Titanic, Venture Smart Financial Holdings and Artifact Labs. These companies aim to preserve and connect history through blockchain.

The Titanic is world famous for hitting an iceberg on its voyage to New York City. The accident happened on April 15, 1912 and caused the deadliest sinking of a single ship in history. It was not until 1985 that the wreckage of this renowned ship was discovered near Newfoundland, submerged in 12,500 feet of water or approximately 4 kilometers.

Today, news has come to light that the physical targets that survived the wreck of the Titanic will be tokenized as NFTs and stored forever on a blockchain.

This project will be carried out after the strategic alliance between RMS Titanic, also known as RMST, Venture Smart Financial Holdings of Hong Kong, and Artifact Labs. The goal of these partnerships is to bring about the preservation and connection of one of the most well-known stories in the world with blockchain and users.

Although, there was no release date for the NFTs yet, it has been confirmed that the first 5,500 non-fungible tokens linked to different objects recovered from the real life Titanic will be created and then, future artifacts will be minted as NFTs as well.

Artifact Labs will be the company in charge of immutably preserving the NFTs and will also be responsible for future relics recovered on other expeditions.In addition, Titanic NFTs will create a new engaged community full of collectors who will help preserve maritime history while unlocking a number of exclusive benefits such as: private and VIP events at multiple exhibits, seminars with renowned maritime historians, and access to unique experiences. Also, Titanic NFT owners will have the opportunity to digitally interact with RMST content outside of the physical exhibits.

Another news released by Artifact Labs is that they will launch Titanic DAOa Decentralized Autonomous Organization, where members will be able to participate in various select RMST and E/M Group initiatives, including proposals for future Titanic diving expeditions, development of educational programming, digital content, documentaries, research, partnerships, events, and strategic direction for the preservation and exhibition of recovered artifacts.

The DAO treasury will be managed by members who obtain the governance token and will be funded by proceeds from the sales of Titanic NFTs.

Testimonials from the founders of the three companies involved in this NFT project

The first person to speak out about the partnership between these companies was the president of RMS Titanic, Inc, Jessica Sanders and said that sharing the legacy of the Titanic, her passengers and crew, with people around the world is why the company is created. She added that they are determined to ensure that Titanic’s physical artifacts will be preserved forever and be accessible to future generations.

Finally, he concluded by saying that moving the real story to the digital space will allow for a wider, quality and inspired audience.

Another of the most important people in this association who spoke on the subject was Lawrence Chufounder and chairman of Venture Smart Financial Holdings, said that Titanic artifacts have been in high demand for more than a century because of what they represent. Also, he added that many people in the international community truly care about preserving the integrity of the original artifacts. Consequently, the partnership with RMST and Artifact Labs can achieve this purpose by incorporating the technology provided by Web3 and digital asset solutions.

Finally, he also spoke Gary Liufounder of Artifact Labs and said that the Titanic is one of the most important historical events in the world. Then, he added that having the privilege of being part of this project is incredible, since, it will forever preserve the Titanic on the blockchain and allow to further expand its impact and importance to the global audience. He ended his words by saying that this partnership demonstrates the true intentions of Artifact Labs, a project created to unleash the power of historical NFTs of any kind.

About RMS Titanic

RMS Titanic, Inc.also known as RMST, is a subsidiary of Premier Acquisition Holdings, and an affiliate of Experiential Medial Group EMG LCC. It is currently responsible for managing the exclusivity of everything to do with the Titanic and its tragic demise.

This company is dedicated to preserving the legacy of the well-known ship, the wreck site, all its passengers and crew on board. Since 1987, RMST has been in charge of the different expeditions and has already carried out eight in total, in which 5500 artifacts were recovered.

About Venture Smart Financial Holdings

Venture Smart Financial Holdingsis a global financial services platform based in Hong Kong. In 2020, it became the first virtual asset manager in that country, approved by the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission. This enabled the platform to manage investment portfolios with up to 100% virtual assets.

Moreover, VSFG is dedicated to the research and development of products and services that can integrate traditional and, at the same time, digital assets under a compatible regulatory framework.

In addition, it organizes and helps different institutions to allocate their assets in an orderly manner both in the physical and virtual world. They are particularly dedicated to the areas of Web3 and Metaverse.

What is Artifact Labs?

Artifact Labsis a Web3 and NFT company that creates strategies, products and platforms on different blockchains that serve other companies with historical IP as in the case of Titanic.

Its motto is to ‘preserve and connect history’ thanks to blockchain technology and enable all stakeholders to maximize the impact of their most valuable assets by converting them into non-fungible tokens.

Also, Artifact Labs functions as a one-stop solution for partners looking to launch unique NFTs projects and build platform on Web3. This project provides support through advisory services, product development, blockchain engineering and community management.

Finally, this company’s NFTs are called ‘ARTEFACTS’ and are connected through a proprietary metadata standard governed by the non-profit Artifact Foundation, which enables verifiable authentication and global discovery of historical NFTs.

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Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.