Tintin becomes NFT

Tintin is a cartoon that portrays the life of a young reporter who, driven by his enormous curiosity, traveled around the world and lived great adventures, always accompanied by his dog Snowy. For its 94th anniversary, the company that owns the rights to the cartoon will launch NFTs in commemoration of one of the best known characters in the world.

Tinín is a young reporter who, thanks to his great curiosity, had the opportunity to travel around the world and lived great adventures in the company of his faithful canine friend Milú. This character was the great protagonist of the great European comics of the 20th century.

Its author and creator was the Belgian Georges Remi, also known as Hergé. The comic “The Adventures of Tintin” marked generations and this year celebrates its 94th anniversary with a collection of NFTs.

Today in NFTexpress we will see what this new official collection of the company that acquired the rights of this great cartoon of almost a hundred years old is about and now it is renewed, becoming digital assets in the form of non fungible tokens.

Tintin, beyond imagination

After the success of the digital exhibition “Tintin, the immersive adventure“Tintinimaginatio, the company that administers the rights of its author Georges Prosper Remi, known worldwide as Hergéwill continue its journey into the digital era and confirmed that it will promote and bring to life Hergé’s work through the new technologies that are emerging on our planet.

Tintinimaginatio achieved a strategic alliance with ArtéQ. This partnership will allow “The Adventures of Tintin” to go up a level and enter the metaverse and the digital art ecosystem.

This collection will feature a new digital experience created by the company that retains the rights to the comic book, to be called “The First Tintin NFT” and will be certified and protected by the blockchain, like all NFT assets.

What is ArtéQ?

ArtéQis a project that specializes in all services with blockchain technology, but its potential is related to NFT collections with emblematic works of art, for example Gustav Klimt’s “The Kiss”.one of the world’s most famous works of art and the centerpiece of the Belvedere Museum’s collection.

That collection was specially implemented as a high-resolution digital copy and divided into a 100×100 grid, from which 10,000 individual pieces of the work came out in NFT format and was offered as a limited edition for Valentine’s Day last year.

Also, ArtéQ is working hard on a state-of-the-art auction platform to provide fans, enthusiasts and investors of NFTs the possibility to bid on future collections that will be launched on the platform with the collaboration of other important companies in the art and popular culture industry.

On the other hand, ArtéQ is defined as a major player in getting different brands to take off on the Web3, since it is responsible for accompanying its partners in the implementation of innovative digital projects such as this one for Tintin. The objective of this company is to help in terms of development and marketing from the functional analysis, to the production and realization of virtual galleries for the presentation of the NFTs.

Image corresponding to the digital exhibition “Tintin, the immersive adventure”.

About the NFT Tintin Collection

The first NFT Tintin collection featured two types of digital collectibles of images corresponding to the cover of the book “The Blue Lotus”.The Blue Lotus“published on February 12, 1936.

In addition, both collectibles will have a hidden story that buyers and owners of the NFTs will be able to discover once they have purchased the digital piece.

One of the two types of NFT has its special feature as a non-fungible utility token, since it will have a type of certificate that securely identifies each of the “high fidelity” copies of the illustration.

There will be 777 collectibles created and numbered 001/777 through 777/777 and their values will range from $650 to $750 euros.

The second type of NFT will be a digital collectible of Hergé’s illustration in high definition with its own graphic features. They will be worth approximately $300 and $350 euros and can be purchased with cryptocurrencies just like the first type of NFT mentioned above.

Also, with the purchase of the NFT, collectors or investors will receive a kind of digital pamphlet or brochure made exclusively by Philippe Goddinone of the experts on Hergé’s works.

Words from the people in charge of this project

This collection was officially presented in the capital of Belgium, Brussels. There, Yves Févrierthe head of Tintinimaginatio, spoke about this innovation and launch of NFTs and said that the non-fungible tokens were launched to be able to interact with the new industry of digital assets and users who like immateriality more than owning something physically.

He also added that it is very important to revolutionize and connect with the new trends appearing on the Internet and NFTs are being a way of very interesting new services for the Web3.

Finally, he commented that year after year the number of people buying any kind of product in paper format is decreasing. Consequently, depending on the success of this new release, it is clear that it is possible that the work of Tintin will be presented in a format entirely like NFT in the future.

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Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.