The Weeknd partners with Binance to launch his collection of NFTs

Binance has reached an agreement to partner with The Weeknd, one of the world’s most recognized artists. The goal is to launch an NFT collection based on the singer’s latest tour called ‘After Hours Til Dawn’.

Binance announced on its official social media channels that it has struck a partnership with renowned artist The Weeknd to create and launch a special NFT collection in connection with his latest tour, called ‘After Hours Til Dawn‘.

This collaboration between one of the world’s largest exchanges and the award-winning singer will be done with the aim of raising money for multiple humanitarian causes that we will be reviewing in this new NFTexpress article.

The Weeknd is known worldwide for being one of the most innovative and interesting musical artists today. In this latest tour he will be presenting his last two albums (After Hours and Dawn FM) which have achieved resounding success and have reached the top of the charts in more than 10 countries.

On March 3, the singer presented his new album called Live At SoFi Stadium, which was recorded as part of his current tour, which was also presented by Binance.

Today, news broke that the leading exchange in several countries has partnered with the Canadian singer to present Web3 to fans around the world. As a result, concert-goers will have the opportunity to claim an official souvenir NFT as a way to remember the show experience and gain exclusive access to other benefits that The Weeknd and Binance will offer to their fans around the world. Binance will launch in the future.

On the other hand, the singer has already performed 21 times in North America and in his agenda he plans to be in another 30 shows throughout Europe and then come to Latin America and perform around 12 times between September and October 2023.

See what the official NFT souvenir tickets will look like

If you are an existing ticket holder for The Weeknd’s upcoming concerts in Europe or Latin America, Binance will send via email a Ticketmaster code to obtain one of the official official digital collectibles of the project.

It is worth mentioning that, so far, codes will only be sent to fans who will attend the following shows of The WeekndWorld Tour, which are the following:

  • Latin America: Bogota (Colombia), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Guadalajara (Mexico), Mexico City (Mexico), Monterrey (Mexico), Lima (Peru), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and Sao Paulo (Brazil).

  • Europe: Barcelona (Spain), Madrid (Spain), Brussels (Belgium), Horsens (Denmark), Milan (Italy), Oslo (Norway), Prague (Czech Republic), Stockholm (Sweden), Tallinn (Estonia) and Warsaw (Poland).

Another thing to point out is that the codes through Ticketmaster will be sent in batches, that is, if you apply to receive the souvenir NFT, but it has not arrived yet, you just have to be patient and it is possible that you will receive it as the date of the show you are going to attend gets closer.

The souvenir NFTs created by Binance for The Weeknd’s fans will help those who attended the shows to take home a souvenir through Web3 technology and non-fungible tokens, as they will generate a digital and official record of their attendance to the tour.

The goal is to bring the reversal of traditional physical concert tickets or stickers as souvenirs to begin to interact and learn about Web3 technology, blockchain and non-fungible tokens, but at the same time, learn about new ways to get exclusive access and benefits to The Weeknd.

¿Will there be other NFTs in this partnership between Binance and The Weeknd??

The renowned exchange and the Toronto-born recording artist are already hard at work to release a special collection of tour NFTs beyond the souvenir NFTs, which will be available only to fans attending the tour shows.

The collection of non-fungible tokens to be launched by The Weeknd The Weeknd together with Binance has no release date yet, but from the exchange have confirmed that they will be beautiful works of art and a variety of surprises. In addition, it is not the first incursion of the artist in the world of NFTs, since, previously the musician sold as a non-fungible token one of his unreleased songs.

¿What are humanitarian causes about??

Binance confirmed that upon release of the NFT tour collection (not the memorabilia), which will be in late 2023, a percentage of sales will go to the ‘XO Humanitarian Fund’, initiated primarily by The Weeknd and administered by the World Food Program or also known as WFP.

The renowned singer is a volunteer ambassador for the UN WFP and created the XO Humanitarian Fund to bring food to millions of people in famine situations.

Accordingly, Binance together with its foundation Binance Charitywhich also carries out humanitarian work, have confirmed that they have already donated two million dollars to the fund founded by the Canadian artist.

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Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.