The startup GLEAC launched a series of NFTs with real-world utility.

Hub71 startup GLEAC will launch this October 15 a collection of NFTs in which users will be able to bid on a “Lovely Human NFT” and have the opportunity to be part of a community of revolutionary leaders.

GLEACoffers a network of mentors to help people use and apply different human skills through simulations in work environments. Currently, they have launched a collection of NFTs called Lovely Humans and describe it as the world’s first series of public service NFTs.

Users who purchase these NFTs will have the opportunity to benefit from a five-hour one-on-one session with an international industry expert.

The owners of the NFTs will be able to chat with an industry expert and get insights and advice related especially to work, how to solve problems or even have the possibility to pitch them an idea or project. This first set of NFTs will have an initial round of bidding involving 25 experts from categories such as: blockchain technology, finance tech, metaverse, sustainability, Artificial Intelligence, data, etc.

Recently, GLEAC became a member of the community of Hub71Hub, a company whose mission is to create a global ecosystem for technology startups, new companies and investors from around the world looking to capitalize on growth opportunities. GLEAC is the first company to create such NFTs and is part of the project that drives the UAE (United Arab Emirates) to embrace innovative technological solutions while being at the forefront of concepts that can change the world.

Founder of GLEAC, Sallyann Della Casasaid that they are proud to launch this type of service, as it is a unique and different method, which aims to revolutionize the way knowledge is exchanged and provide users with 1:1 mentoring between them and experts, allowing them to thrive in the workplace.

As we have said, people’s NFTs are divided by the industry in which they specialize, let’s take a look at the most recognized mentors in each one.


  • Nick Rosaleads the Metaverse Strategy and Extended Reality business for Accenture Digital Group in Europe and APAC (Asia-Pacific). He is also Chairman of the British Interactive Media Association (BIMA) for Immersive Technologies. He has worked for technology giants such as Google, Spotify, IBM IX, Yahoo and Atari.

  • Dr. Thomas Furnessknown as the “grandfather of virtual reality” is an inventor and entrepreneur. He is currently a professor at the University of Washington (UW) in the U.S. In addition, he has 26 patents issued in his name and founded 27 companies, including two NASDAQ-listed companies worth $12 million. He created Virtual World Societya virtual reality as a not-for-profit learning system.

Munro Hochmayr Islandis a founder and member of FTW DAO, a venture capital firm focused on diversifying the venture investment ecosystem. She works hard with the idea of a decentralized future driving web3, blockchain, DAO and DeFi.


  • Jinan Glasgow Georgeis co-founder of Magic Number, founder of Neo IP and a member of the Forbes Tech Council. She created two leading platforms for IP strategists: the NEO IP forum on LinkedIn and the Eclipse IP Futures Conference. Intellectual property is her forte, as she has extensive experience in that field. She is also an inventor, entrepreneur, lawyer and worked for major companies such as Apple, Microsoft and Visa.

  • Dr. Patrick HoseinD. in electrical engineering and computer science from MIT. He has published more than 150 journals and publications. He worked for Bose Corporation, Bell Labs, AT&T Labs, Ericsson and Huawei. He holds about 40 patents in telecommunications, wireless technologies and was nominated for the Ericsson Inventor of the Year award in 2004.


  • Dr. Makoto Takemiyais co-founder and chief executive officer of Soramitsu, a financial technology company that focuses on blockchain technology and digital identity. It was the first company to create central bank digital currencies (CBDC) on a large scale. He contributed to Hyperledger Iroha as a programmer and chief architect. In addition, he improved SORAthe decentralized economic system developed around its XOR governance token.

  • John Ounjianis an analytical and results-oriented professional with over 12 years of experience in managing and maintaining raw financial information. He also performs business and financial analysis aimed at achieving the organization’s designated objectives. Currently, he works at Furthera venture capital and investment firm.


  • Peggy Liuis one of the world’s most recognized environmentalists. President of JUCCCEShe is the President of the United Nations Environment Programme, an NGO at the heart of the greening of China and Executive Advisor to the Sovereign Nation of Hawaii. Her work and efforts were rewarded with the “Hillary Step”, the “Nobel” for climate change solvers.

Tatiana Antonelli Abellais the founder and CEO of Goumbooka social enterprise dedicated to sustainability and green living in the UAE and beyond. LinkedIn nominated her as one of the leading voices in sustainability in the UAE. She is considered the “eco-pioneer” for the awareness and campaigns she has conducted for a greener earth.

Regarding the NFT collection that GLEAC is launching for a new way of sharing knowledge between the great professionals that are part of the project and the people who want to know more about them can learn all about it in the official website. However, in NFTexpress we bring you some previews: it will be 5 hours in a talk directly with the mentor. Also, the NFT owner will be able to customize the non-fungible token with different colors and textures. The IP (Intellectual Property) of the conversion will have the possibility to be tokenized as NFT with 90% royalties for the owner of the non fungible token and the mentor. In addition, they will be able to have exclusive access to the community and exclusive events with all current and future experts that will be added to the NFT collection. The goal is to create the world’s first Metaverse Museum of industry expert wisdom (not confirmed, but expected to be in Decentraland).

Moreover, the Whitelist will provide buyers with the opportunity to resell the expert’s image artwork (those that can be seen in the professionals’ description) and receive additional time with the expert in 2023. Finally, the value of the NFTs will be $25,000 before they go on the secondary market and owners of the non-fungible tokens will be able to collaborate with GLEAC’s featured professionals on future projects.

Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.