The Smurfs become NFTs

The Smurfs are coming to the NFTs ecosystem with a new official project called “The Smurf Society”, a PFP collection. They partnered with Web3 companies such as OpenSea, Lens Protocol, The Sandbox and more to create an immersive adventure.

Officially the Smurfs became non-fungible tokens and we will have to help them to recover their lives, since Gargamel turned them into stone sculptures. Thus begins the story of this new project that involves the Smurfs in a problem that users as a community will have to solve.

The Smurf Societyis the official name of this new work supported by the official brand of one of the best known animated series and movies in the world. In addition to being a PFP project, it will combine collective and individual interests, with the aim of creating an inclusive community with exclusive rewards for participants.

Without going into technical details, The Smurf Society uses two proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchains as consensus, the same are:

  • Polygon (MATIC), this will be used to coin the statues of the NFT Smurfs, but there will also be ingredients such as blue clay and potions, as the whole community will have to work and play to help the Smurfs.

  • Ethereum, will be used for access crystals, The Alliance and the Smurf NFT legendary collection.

In addition, The Smurf Society uses two different tokens depending on the type of NFT in play, which are:

  • ERC – 721: for access glasses, Alliance Collection and Legendary Collections.

  • ERC – 1155: for statues, ingredients and potions.

On the other hand, although the game is not out yet, the community is already being created through Discord and Twitter with the goal that all the people who join will have an early access to the project. Also, people who own a NFT PFP from the following collections have exclusive access to the project:

  • 10KTF Gucci Grail

  • Azuki

  • Baby CyberKongz

  • Bored Ape Kenel Club

  • BAYC

  • Bored Ape Kennel Club

  • CryptoDickbutts

  • CyberKongz-VX

  • Doodle

  • Invisible Friends

  • Meebits

  • Mfers

  • Moonbirds

  • Mutant Ape Yacht Club

  • Nouns

  • Pudgy Penguins

  • Renga

  • RTFK

  • The Saudis

  • Veefriends

  • World of Women

How to obtain an NFT from the collection

First, it is possible to purchase an access crystal or Smurf NFT through secondary marketplaces such as OpenSea. However, there is also a fun way to obtain it and that is by earning it.

Participants must participate in missions, quizzes and contribute to communication channels such as Discord and Twitter. Winners and participants will receive ingredients that can be used to make recipes. By mixing certain recipes there will be opportunities to create access crystals. These access crystals will act as pre-sale tickets and will allow to mint an NFT Smurf before the collection is made public.

Moreover, the images of the Smurfs are registered trademarks of IMPSSmurfs, therefore, the license holders of the characters. As long as you are the owner of a Smurf NFT, you can only use it for commercial purposes.

What can Smurf NFT be used for?

The NFT can be used as a PFP on social networks such as Twitter, whose premium option is called Blue. Also, where you can connect your wallet to Web3 platforms such as The Sandbox.

It will also give you early access to future Smurf Society events and collections.

Also, soon to be created is the “The Smurf ‘s Society DAO“The project has several partnerships to donate profits to NGO’s. The project has several partnerships to donate profits to NGOs.

Finally, you can “flip the NFT”, which means you can sell it and make a profit.

Who are the artists who created the NFTs?

All the Smurfs NFTs are inspired by the first creator of these cartoons and his original artwork named Peyo. Currently, for this collection, the team is directed by Cedric HervetThe art director of Daft Punk, an art director of Daft Punk, with more than 20 years of experience in the field. Also, several iconic and world-renowned artists have helped the collections with their personal designs and creativity.

The Smurfs and the Metaverse

Fans of the Smurfs will soon be able to live the experience in the Metaverse, since, as I mentioned before, the official brand of these cartoons has partnered with companies such as Animoca Brands y The Sandbox.

Precisely, the projects I mentioned above will bring the Smurfs to a 100% customized environment on Web3 with “The Smurfs Society”.. Users will be able to be part of an adventure, in which they will have 12,500 unique NFTs, with more than 350 sets of unique traits that will make each one different from the other and depending on their rarity, have more or less value than others.

As announced Sandboxcommunity members who are most committed to this new release of the Smurfs NFTs collection will get exclusive access to 3000 Smurfs NFTs statues and special ingredients to be able to mint them as mentioned above. Also, early access to the Smurfs platform and virtual world in The Sandbox Metaverse will be offered.

Who are the people behind the project

Finally, we will review all the people who are behind the project and who are looking for a community of fans of this animated series, which made several movies and who are currently joining the NFT ecosystem and Web3 technology.

  • Julien Romanettois responsible for taking the Smurfs to the Metaverse and turning them into NFTs. He is also the founder of other companies such as Arianee Project, Teads y OverBlog.

  • Frédéric MontagnonFrédéric Montagnon, entrepreneur, Web3 engineer, and Bachelor of Arts. He leads the vision of the project, and together with Julien is the founder of Arianee Project.

  • Cedric Hervetis the art director I mentioned earlier and the one who leads the artistic team of the project.

  • Chris MenardCo-founder of Newmismaa collection of NFTs and now helping to build the NFT Smurfs community.

  • Sebastian Bastardfounder of Newmisma together with Chris, and the “Web3 God” of the Smurf project.

  • Jerem Febvreanother of Newmisma’s founders. He is an entrepreneur at Web3 and has more than 15 years of experience in launching, developing and commercializing innovative products and companies.

  • Julien Probstfounder of Iron Velvetand works on the NFT Smurfs project as designer, art, technology, Web UX/UI and brand strategy.

  • Vincent Cameranoanother of the founders of Iron Velvet with Julien. He is currently working as Creative Dev on the project.

  • Sacha Waedemonfounder of Open Warfare and part of the “The Smurf Society” project team.

  • Vincenzo Biancais the game designer on the team and the founder of N-Zone.

  • Sophie Lawsonfounder of My English Coaches LLC. She works as a Storyteller in the team.

  • Arthur Salkinfounder of, and the “king of marketing” in the project.

  • Max Zilianifounder of Spawn Pub, and creative director at The Smurfs Society.

  • Thomas Cosiallsfounder of MyrorHQ and Web3 Developer.

  • Augustin Bartholoméis an entrepreneur and works as Social Media in the project.

  • Quentin Godararchitect of “The Smurf ‘s Society DAO” and Crypto OG.

  • Jean-François PignoneDiscord administrator for the Smurfs community. He is also the founder of a Genefty.

  • Antoni (CrypTito) IstasseIstasse, moderator and freelance social media professional. He also works for Genefty and is a Social Media, Crypto Consulting and NFTs and DeFi ecosystem expert.

  • Antoine SparenbergBlockchain consultant at Web3xplorerand community preacher of “The Smurfs’ Society”.

  • Maxime ServaisWeb3 software developer and news anchor.

As we have reviewed, there are many people who are working to make this project one of the biggest in the NFT ecosystem. You can already join and follow this new initiative in the different communication channels that this new way of connecting to the Smurfs has, undoubtedly one of the best known animated series in the world for different generations.

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Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.