The second “Premio ₿-arte” launched in Latin America

The NGO Bitcoin Argentina together with Labitconf and Fundación Bitcoin Iberoamérica, launched the second “Premio ₿- Arte 2022” where prizes in BTC and expert jurors in the ecosystem will be awarded.

With the slogan “Express the Blockchain Revolution with your art” comes the second installment of the ₿-Art Award organized by the NGO Bitcoin Argentina, Labitconf and the Bitcoin Iberoamerica Foundation, which will award the winners with BTC.

There will be six different awards: physical art, digital art, photography and video, and short story and poetry.

Each of them will have expert jurors, who are related to the blockchain industry and are an active part of the innovation and adoption of the entire ecosystem surrounding cryptocurrencies.

It is aimed at anyone who is interested in participating whether they are artists, writers, photographers and designers, but also crypto-enthusiasts, students of the ecosystem and anyone who is curious about this world and wants to learn what the Blockchain revolution is all about.

In addition, registration are totally free and each work will be added to the corresponding category following the same theme “The Blockchain Revolution”. The works can be submitted by an individual person, but also have the chance to participate works made by projects or communities, the only thing they have to accept is that each creator must be over 19 years old from the Ibero-American region.

The objective is to demonstrate the paradigm shift that is being created thanks to the decentralization and economic independence solved by these technologies such as blockchain, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, metaverse, decentralized finance and others, since, transparency, traceability, security and consensus methods are achieved among society, which are benefited and stimulated by the adoption of these technologies.

As we have been telling in NFTsexpress, the technology of non-fungible tokens opens a range of possibilities for brands, companies or industries that want to innovate in their digital development and offer users different products and services that until today were not known. In this case, NFT applied to art, will allow monetizing the work of artists and will give them the possibility to be more visible to society. Non-fungible tokens linked to art can be distributed an infinite number of times and allow the creator to earn royalties for life for his great work.

The NGO Bitcoin has been doing a great job in Argentina and Latin America regarding the adoption and massive use of Blockchain technology and consequently all the applications that can be given to it specifically related to the creation and exchange of innovative value that promotes a model of ownership and trust among users.

What it seeks in this new presentation of the ₿- Art 2022 awards is to give you the opportunity to represent and express through original works the nature of this social, economic and cultural revolution that involves Blockchain technology and its derivations.

What are the conditions for participation?

One of the main conditions is that the work submitted by the participant/s may not be in another contest nor may it be submitted by any person/s other than the creator/s of the work.

In addition, works made with perishable materials will not be accepted, nor will be accepted works that offend the susceptibility of the public or images/texts with copyrights different from the one who submits the work. The works submitted must not have been previously awarded in other contests.

In relation to the NFTs, the artworks may or may not be minted, that is, it is not a condition or impediment that the artworks are or are not stored within the blockchain as non-fungible tokens. This condition from my point of view is positive, since the event does not seek to reward artists already related to NFT technology, but tries to be a vehicle for learning and expression so that people who are not internalized in the subject can know the full potential behind the non fungible tokens.

Characteristics of each of the works:

  • Physical artworkSculpture, 3D print, drawing, painting or collage with a maximum size of 120 x 120 cm and 3D physical artwork may not be larger than 100 cm on any side.

  • Digital artworkJPG or PNG, GIF and MP4 (maximum of one minute).

  • Video: movies, video clip or animation and duration of one minute minimum and 12 minutes maximum (in MP4 or MOV formats).

  • Short Story/PoetryThe short story must be an unpublished story in Spanish language and a maximum of 7 pages (font: Arial 12). The poetry must also be in Spanish language and unpublished with free metrics.

Jurors for each of the topics to be addressed:

  • Physical Art: Victoria Tolomei (art curator and co-founder of Viraliza Arte), Ignacio Gutiérrez Zaldívar (director of Zurbarán) and Aída Pippo (artist, crypto-artist, researcher of NFTs linked to art and member of ONG Bitcoin Argentina).

  • Digital art: SoyFira (first crypto-artist in Colombia), Clementina Girarlo (art collector and founder of DOTS & Tech) and Gus Grillasca (Engineer, professor, entrepreneur and crypto-artist).

  • Photography and Video: Paula Woscoboinik (photographer, artist and director of Wosco Art Gallery), Javier Lourenço (filmmaker, creative director, entrepreneur and artistoryteller), and Pablo De Sousa (co-founder of BAG and president of the Argentine Chamber of Contemporary Art Galleries).

  • Short Story and Poetry: Rodolfo Andragnes (Director of Labitconf and President of ONG Bitcoin Argentina), Federico Andahazi (writer and psychoanalyst) and Connie Ansaldi (writer, entrepreneur and founder of Carnaval Art).

All of the people chosen have a direct connection to the Blockchain industry and especially to NFTs technology, as, many are founders or enthusiasts of projects, applications and communities linked to non-fungible art tokens.

Important dates for this event are:

Registration and submission of material can be made until October 10, 2022. The selected works will be announced between October 11 and 25. They will be presented on November 11-12, 2022 at what will be LABITCONF, one of the largest and oldest conferences in the bitcoin ecosystem. The awards event during LABITCONF will have all selected participants as special guests.



  • 1st Prize for physical art will be awarded $1000 dollars.

  • 1st Prize for digital art and 1st Prize for photography will be awarded $500 USD.

  • 1st Prize for video will get $700 dollars.

  • 1st prize for poetry will win $500 USD. While the 1st prize for short story will win $700 USD.

Finally, the prizes will be awarded at the value of bitcoin according to the price of the page COINMONITOR on the day the winners are announced. In addition, the prizes will be paid within thirty working days after the jury’s decision and award event. The amount of the prize will be transferred to the wallet or virtual wallet that the artist or the community of artists has provided at the time of registration of their work.

Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.