The ranking of the brands with the highest revenues from NFTs

As we have been reviewing every day in NFTexpress, there are brands and companies recognized worldwide that join the boom of non-fungible tokens. We bring you the ranking of total revenues by NFT that have generated the same in its expansion to services made with this new technology that comes to revolutionize the market.

The world’s most famous and recognized brands have been innovating and making inroads into the NFTs (non-fungible tokens) market. Thanks to the Dune AnalyticsDune is a world leader in blockchain-related data analysis, and earlier this year they managed to become a “unicorn” company by raising nearly $70 million in a Series B funding round. Dune publishes data and statistics of various kinds related to blockchain technology and the crypto industry. In this case Noah Levinea blockchain specialist has shared the ranking of the 13 most famous brands in the world that have plunged into the NFTs industry and that currently have the highest total revenue from the sales of these digital assets.

We will be reviewing which are the companies that have gained the most through this non-fungible token ecosystem and we will also be commenting on what collections and services they offered and offer in this industry that is growing by leaps and bounds.

We start with the first company to raise more than $185 million. It is Nike, one of the most globally recognized sports brands. In NFTexpress we have made an article about Nike and the purchase of the company RTFKT at the end of 2021, which has been the boost Nike needed to generate digital items in non-fungible token formats.

There have already been six launches, including a collection of virtual sneakers called Cryptockicks and most recently a paired hoodie that in addition to being NFT has its real-life counterpart.

One particularity about the data in Dune Analytics about Nike is that the analysis that was done on the brand includes the projects that RTFKT launched before being acquired by the sportswear giant. Among those collections is CloneX, one of the most popular projects they’ve launched by the company that uses the latest in game engines, NFT, blockchain authentication and augmented reality, combined with manufacturing expertise to create unique sneakers and digital artifacts.

Although it was not confirmed that Nike considers that project as part of its NFT portfolio, it still leads the ranking by releasing the CloneX collection.

Dolce & Gabbana comes in second place and marks how luxury-related companies have readily adopted NFTs into their digital marketing structure.

D&G has launched five NFTs collections, the highlights of which are Family Glass BoxDGFamily boxes in non-fungible token formats that are based on the classic Italian Carreto style and manufactured in three levels of rarity. The privileges of owning an NFT are exclusive digital, physical and experiential assets as Dolce & Gabbana pushes the boundaries of luxury and culture in the metaverse.

The Italian fashion brand has total sales of almost $26 million in the NFT market. There is no doubt that Nike is by far the best selling brand in the non-fungible token industry.

The third place goes to Tiffany & Co. thanks to the luxury NFTs launched in collaboration with the famous collection of non-fungible tokens CryptoPunks and that from NFTexpress we have made an article of so-called NFTiff telling about the physical and digital luxury jewelry that were offered to users with prices hovering around 50,000 USD each and in Dune’s ranking you can see that they have earned a figure close to 13 million dollars.

Fourth place goes to Gucci, which has revenues of almost 12 million dollars thanks to collections such as SUPERGUCCI and “The Next 100 Years of Gucci” where they teamed up with SuperRareDAO. Also, they have made innovations in the metaverse such as Gucci Garden and Gucci Town with the introduction of Roblox.

The fifth place goes to Adidas, another of the most recognized sports brands worldwide, which has a profit of 11 million dollars and among other things was for its strategic alliance with the famous collection of NFTs “THE BORED APE”.


Let’s keep in mind that if you analyze only the secondary volume, or the gains obtained only in the most recognized NFT marketplaces, Adidas would be second only to Nike. However, if you don’t include the data I mentioned earlier about RTFKT and Nike, Adidas would rank first in terms of total transactions (51,500).

The ranking is completed by:

Finally, one of the important pieces of information from Dune Analytics is the level of experience in the crypto ecosystem and the NFT industry that those buying these non-fungible tokens have.

It has been analyzed that buyers before purchasing one of the NFTs from these brands’ collections have already made between five and thirty transactions with their crypto wallets.

The bottom line is that the collections of these famous and globally recognized brands are primarily aimed at consumers who are already familiar with cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology and the non-fungible token ecosystem.

Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.