Pokémon Company hires staff with Web3 and blockchain technology skills to expand into the metaverse and NFT

The Pokémon Company is looking for a Corporate Development Manager with proven experience in Web3 technology. In this NFTexpress article I tell you what it is about and why they want to add a person with these characteristics to the company.

The Pokémon Company is the Japanese company that manages and makes the branding, production and licensing decisions for the Pokémon franchise. In addition, it is in charge of controlling all merchandising and licensing of the franchise’s products. Also, it is worth clarifying that it has the same percentage of shares as Nintendo, Game Freak and Creatures, that is, it shares all kinds of decisions with the other mentioned companies.

Currently, it is known that The Pokémon Company is looking for and hiring staff that is exclusively related to Web3 professionals, one of the positions that caught the most attention is the Director of Corporate Development.

The news broke after the same company posted on its careers website that it is hiring a Director of Development, with considerable understanding and knowledge of Web3, including blockchain technology, metaverse and about non-fungible tokens.

Another requirement is to be deeply connected to a network of investors and entrepreneurs in Web3 and the metaverse.

Full job description:

The candidate The Pokémon Company is looking for is for ‘Director of Corporate Development’.

The area in which the successful candidate will work will be in the Corporate Development Office, which is a small group specializing in development that is looking for the following roles and responsibilities:

  • Advise the President and the executive leadership team on how to drive, evaluate and prioritize long-term strategic direction and operational priorities.

  • Support TCPi’s executive leadership team in building trusted working relationships with the goal of maximizing the group’s synergies with the subsidiaries I mentioned above (The Pokémon Company in Japan, Game Freak and Creatures).

  • Drive innovations by building a platform for testing ideas and establishing relationships with co-development partners outside TCPi.

Another of the most important tasks is the construction of the “Innovation and Corporate Development” function with three fundamental verticals, which are:

  • Design, build and run TCPi Innovation Challenge, an internal corporate platform for generating innovative ideas to be collected and evaluated with TCPi employees.

  • Identify, analyze, monitor and build relationships with external technology-related development partners who want to implement new ideas.

  • Create a platform to test the feasibility of new ideas and support development working with TCPi stakeholders and external co-developers. Issues to consider beyond the technology itself are: marketing, finance, legal and people.

On the other hand, the job offer also describes some tasks that the successful candidate will have to do after being hired, among the most important ones are:

  • Lead the identification, evaluation and execution of investments, strategic projects and partnerships to support the company’s long-term growth strategy.

  • Source, research and recommend potential partners or collaborations to the President and executive leadership team.

  • Monitor and evaluate technology, market players, gaming, media and entertainment trends in related sectors.

  • Effectively partner with cross-functional teams and business unit leaders to make them operationally feasible over the long term.

  • Meet with the President’s advisory groups, executive leadership team and business leaders relevant to the future of Pokémon’s business.

Among the most important characteristics and experience that the person chosen for the position should have are the following items:

  • 12+ years work experience with a minimum of 7 years in corporate development or CVC in a technology, gaming, media or entertainment company.

  • Ability to connect with potential partners or technologies with existing Pokémon assets.

  • Deep knowledge and understanding of Web3, including blockchain technology, NFTs and the metaverse.

  • Experience in creating new products/businesses or supporting new ventures.

  • Demonstrated ability to build strong relationships and interact effectively with all levels of the organization.

  • A strong personal interest in the world of Pokémon.

The successful candidate will have some benefits, which we will review below:

  • Corporate events that celebrate the spirit of Pokémon.

  • Competitive cash compensation programs.

  • Base salary between $150,000 and $224,000. It is worth noting that this range is applicable to the labor market, but the company usually offers salaries below the midpoint of the range initially.

  • 100% of employer-paid health care premiums.

  • Employer-paid life insurance.

  • Hybrid work environment.


Although the Pokémon Company has not yet revealed specific plans to develop products and/or services on Web3, this job posting shows that the company is showing a strong interest in a market that has generated that many brands are also in talks to launch products on these new technologies.

If we review Pokémon’s facts to be at the forefront of new technologies, it is worth remembering that this brand was one of the first to implement augmented reality (AR) with Pokémon Go, a mobile game launched in 2016 that attracted some 230 million players approximately and produced an annual revenue of $1210 million in 2021.

Finally, the underlying ideas could soon develop into something more advanced, as, with these professionals that The Pokémon Company is looking for it will surely be the kick start for us to start seeing products related to the Pokémon Metaverse and NFTs.

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Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.