The galleries of NFTs in the metaverse: Which ones are there?

If you are an art enthusiast, this may interest you! From NFTexpress we bring you the galleries that exist in the metaverse to visualize the digital works as if you were in a museum or in an exhibition.

If you like art, paintings, meeting artists and visiting different museums and exhibitions, we tell you that it is now possible to access hundreds of first class works of art from the comfort of your home and just by connecting to your computer. We are talking about the NFT galleries in the metaverse.

Well-known virtual lands such as Voxels and Decentraland have recently become art centers for NFTs and have managed to attract a new generation of artists that are 100% exclusive to the metaverse. Also, as an artist you could create your own NFT gallery and exhibit your NFT art and on the other hand, support your favorite artists.

A gallery exclusive to NFTs does not only have to be located solely in the metaverse, it can be a physical art gallery and at the same time have the same infrastructure in a virtual world. NFT galleries usually mark a collection of NFTs that fits the theme or artistic style that usually offers that particular project to keep in tune with its entire strategy.

NFT’s physical galleries usually display artworks on LED screens or high quality projectors. Also, some of them usually have a QR code to scan with the cell phone that comes with the artist’s name and there you can see other works, his portfolio, work, projects where he participates, his personal website, his social networks, among other things.

On the other hand, more and more NFT virtual galleries are being developed in the metaverse. They offer a new way for art enthusiasts to view digital artworks and provide the opportunity to explore and interact in a simpler way from the comfort of your own home. It will undoubtedly be a great step towards further connecting the dots between artists and art enthusiasts in order to take these experiences to the next level.

From NFTexpress we bring you NFT art galleries among many that exist to learn more about this new ecosystem that is growing every day.


Voxels is a metaverse similar to The Sandbox, but which aims to explore other spaces such as the metaverse linked to the real estate industry, museums and NFT art galleries.

The latter can be B.20 GALLERY, located in Frankfurt, which is set with Beeple’s artwork, where you can see a lobby with neon pink trees and decorated water fountains at the main entrance. To see Beeple’s art, you must take an elevator, which will transport you to the level where NFTs such as “The Passion of the Elon,” “Shrek Too” and “Jabba’s Afterbirth,” among others, are on display.

Another gallery found in this well-known metaverse as is Voxels is the ASYNC GALLERY, which is located in the Gangnam district and is divided into two collections: Asyn Classic Arts and Feature Pieces. The former includes artworks that are part of the collection, while the latter are more recent additions to the same.


OnCyber is an ideal metaverse for artists and art enthusiasts. You can create your own NFT gallery, you simply need an Ethereum compatible wallet to collect assets and display them in your space. As a user you will be able to enter different rooms and artists with the goal of visualizing infinities of NFTs linked to art such as the recognized collections of “Justin Aversano: Twin Flames” y “Takashi Murakami: An Arrow through History“.


Spatial is another metaverse platform linked to artists, collectors and curators whose purpose is to exhibit works in a virtual space. The founders of this project are Anand Agarawala and Jinha Lee, who in addition to Spatial have already participated in other successful applications and platforms such as BumpTop, which was acquired by Google in 2006, SpaceTop and Material Design, the latter also acquired by the technological giant Google.

If your idea is to have a good time looking and meeting as many artists as NFT art, you will be able to see spaces like “VERSES Gallery”, “Veve Marvel Comics” and “Escape”, the most known projects in the Spatial metaverse.

Museum of Crypto Art (MOCA)

The Museum of Crypto Art, or MOCA, is another NFT gallery in a metaverse built in Somnium Space. The main goal of the museum is to take care of the legacy of artists who have a connection to the crypto ecosystem and to function as an innovation lab to push the boundaries of non-fungible tokens. Also, MOCA has the idea to continue offering services beyond the metaverse, that’s why they will launch a DAO aimed at holders of their own tokens called $MOCA.


Metaverses such as Voxels and Decentraland have different points of connections between services and users, as the creators of these virtual worlds themselves have associations with different industries beyond art.

However, services like OnCyber and Spatial allow everyone to become a gallery owner beyond touring different collections of NFT artists. The goal is to showcase the non-fungible tokens and share them with absolutely everyone in the virtual world in order to achieve web3 adoption and education, as well as to promote emerging digital artists that emerge from this new industry that is expanding rapidly and efficiently day by day.

Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.