The first Argentine art festival will be held in the Metaverse

The first Argentine NFT art event will be presented both at the Metaverso and in the City of Buenos Aires from October 7 and November 7 driven by the innovative company called UXArt.

NFT Art will have the first non-fungible token festival in the City of Buenos Aires and in Decentraland, one of the most well-known Metaversos in the ecosystem. The date for the event will take place from October 7 to November 7 and will be promoted by the company UXArt, which has as its official partner none other than IBM, the renowned U.S. multinational company of the NFT ecosystem. IBMUXArt, the renowned American multinational technology and consulting company based in New York.

The works that will be on display will be by renowned artists such as Marta Minujín, Miguel Ángel Vidal, Eduardo Mac Entyre, Gyula Kosice, Alberto Bastón Diaz y Eduardo Rodríguez, among many others.

The virtual event will be accessible from Metaverso’s platform Decentralandthe online digital world that combines cryptocurrencies, NFTs, real estate, and people’s social lives. This space simulates the real world and is decentralized, with the aim of generating immersive experiences as in this case, which will enjoy works of art in augmented reality in a gallery with geolocated NFTs in Buenos Aires.

To enter Decentraland, people will be able to register with a wallet (no need to have cryptoassets) and create an avatar. The event is called “Xreal Metaverse” and people will have to go to the main square of NFT. Finally, you will have to go to “Metro-UXArt Museum“The house was inaugurated in August this year in connection with the Decentraland Art Week. Once there, you will be able to start touring the NFTs works exhibited in the Metaverse.

From UXArtThe NFT team, invites users to find these unique NFT artworks in Buenos Aires. The challenge will be in the best Pokemon Go style, but so far its App is only enabled for iOS operating systems. Those who can enter will have to go to the event channel “Metro xreal metaverse” and access the map icon, since the application has a gyroscope and GPS. The goal is that virtual experiences can be lived through immersive experiences within crypto-art. The event, in addition to being organized by UXArt and Decentraland, has the special collaboration of Metrothe first radio station to broadcast from the Metaverse, and a media called The Eye of Art. After participating in the digital space, there will be a contest where you can find the 3D NFTs in the city of Buenos Aires and share them on social networks with the hashtags #metro951 and #metroxrealmetaverse. Subsequently, from the images uploaded, the five most creative ones will be chosen and the prize will be a ticket for the “XReal Festival“. “Xreal Metaverse” will have works by more than 50 visual artists where stand out, Kenneth Kemble, Dora Isdatne, Rafael Parratoro, Antonio Romero, Cristian y Roger Mac Entyre, among others. For its part, the space at Decentraland was created as a museum, whose architectural structure is a scanned replica of Gyula Kosice’s “Hydrospatial CityGyula Kosice’s ” , which floats above.

The works that can be interacted with, scanned and modeled in 3D for the museum, are part of the project being developed by UXArt. technology and art laboratory by UXArt.This space is located on the island “El Descanso” located in the Delta, Tigre, where there are 40 hectares with landscaping, gardens, native flora, outdoor art, gastronomy and social events.UXArt, was created by the Colombian Felipe Durantogether with the producer Gustavo Errico y Beto Resanowho are in charge of the innovation and development of the company. In 2019, it had a great public visibility thanks to the mapping on the obelisk of the works of Julio Le Parc. Then, in 2021 they returned to the charge with a holographic projection on vegetation in the “XReal Festival”. Currently, they participated in the first show that was specially dedicated to digital art and the crypto ecosystem in the history of the Venice Biennale. They did so with works by Kosice, Le Parc, Vidal, and Alberto Echegaray Guevarain the Cameroon Pavilion, which presented “The times of the chimeras. The artists were selected from more than 500 submissions from around the world by the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) of. Global Crypto Art.

Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.