The film financed by an NFT community

It is “The Infinite Machine,” a definitive book on the Ethereum blockchain that is now being made into a feature film. It is funded exclusively by the purchase and sale of NFT collections from 36 artists.

“The Infinite Machine: How an Army of Crypto-Hackers is Building the Next Internet with Ethereum” written by Camila Russo and released by the publisher HarperCollins in 2020 tells the story from the beginnings of Ethereum, the second most important cryptocurrency after Bitcoin.

After the success in paper format, the goal is to bring to “The Infinite Machine”. to the big screen, not as a documentary, but as a dramatization of it. The project wants the entire ecosystem surrounding both the book and the film to be connected to the community, which is why they have launched a collection of NFTs with the collaboration of 36 emerging artists, mainly from countries where decentralization has a great impact on people’s lives and finances (Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, Cuba, Kenya, Bolivia).

These artists have made at least 10 different versions of the Ethereum logo and subsequently each of them was divided into 4 mosaics to algorithmically combine with each other and create some 10,499 unique NFTs with the logo of the blockchain co-founded by Vitalik Buterin (the number of NFTs is inspired by the block number at which EIP-1559 was activated)

One of the many NFTs created by 4 different artists’ mosaics.

The project seeks to fund the film 100% with the sale of these non-fungible tokens, and at the same time to involve the community in the film. There will be 9,499 tokens for sale, leaving the remaining 1,000 for the film team (producers, director, screenwriters, cast, production companies, etc.), the NFT collection team (developers, marketers, among others) and the rest will be used for marketing purposes (giveaways, community incentives).

The distribution of revenues is divided into two phases, before the film’s budget is covered and after the budget has been covered.

The approximate money to make the feature film is approximately $16 million. The idea is to finance it with the sale of the NFTs and another part with traditional financing.

The distribution of the money raised prior to the financing of the film is divided as follows:

  • 22.5% equally among the 36 emerging artists in the NFTs collection.

  • 10.00% will be allocated to the community’s treasury fund, which will be used to create “The Infinite Machine DAO”.

  • 67.5% to cover the film’s budget to $16 million.

After the financing is completed, the income will be divided as follows:

  • Artists will continue to receive 22.5%.

  • 25.00% for the central team and collaborators.

  • 52.5% will be used to finance the DAO’s community fund.

The 36 artists can be found here on the official website of the project. They have an exclusive section for them, where you can review their history and works, as well as other projects they have done in non fungible tokens or traditional art.

The creators of this project also wanted to find a way to involve the entire community to help finance the film, that is why they have launched different benefits and exclusivities for owners of the NFTs in the collection, which are expressed in different types of rarities.

There are 25 NFTs that will allow you to appear as an extra in the movie or even have your NFT appear in the background of various scenes in the movie.

50 non-fungible tokens will give the opportunity to attend the official premiere of the film, which has a tentative release date of late 2023.

100 owners of the NFTs may be invited to the shooting and filming of the feature film. Some of the locations are Spain, USA and Switzerland.

3,000 holders of the non-fungible tokens will see their names in the film credits. These names are subdivided into three formats: large, medium and small. 500 will appear in a large font size, 1,000 in a medium size and the remaining 1,500 will appear in a small font size.

In relation to “The Infinite Machine DAO”.The Decentralized Autonomous Organization, the DAO will be delegated and supervised by the same NFT holders. Also, they will become Associate Producers of the film, while the DAO itself will be Executive Producer.

Once the persons holding the NFTs are elected to carry out these tasks, the DAO will begin to function and the community treasury will be controlled by these same persons through a governance process.

Finally, the team behind this whole project is made up of people dedicated for many years to blockchain technology, the metaverse, NFTs and cryptocurrencies. Among them you can find: Gladys Garrote, Santiago Siri, Alejandro Miranda, Francisco Gordillo and the creator of the book, Camila Russo. You can find information about all of them here.