The best tools for tracking NFT collections

From NFTexpress we bring you the best tools to track and recognize the best projects in relation to non-fungible tokens on the market.

The NFT ecosystem is undoubtedly one of the industries that grew the most over time along with the adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Sales of new NFT collections represent around a thousand transactions per day in the ecosystem.

Many projects propose unique digital assets with extremely high rarities, this makes investors interested in them and propose purchases and sales with exorbitant numbers, but is there a way to get to a collection before it increases in value and is almost impossible for people called small investors? From NFTexpress we bring you the tools that will give you the possibility to investigate and analyze collections to recognize which ones have more power of revaluation in the future.

Rarity Tools

This tool is the first one we will talk about. Rarity Tools is a website that provides different tools and generates a ranking of NFTs art and collections by rarity level (fundamental characteristic of NFT projects). In the section “All collections” you can see projects like Cryptopunks or Bored Apes ordered from most to least unique, this will help to know which NFT is more valuable than another.also, it has another section called “Upcoming” where you can find the projects that are about to be released with their own different social networks like twitter, discord, website and what the creators of the collections offer.

It should be noted that Rarity Tools warns that these collections are of an informative nature and are not considered as an investment method, since, as we know, each person is responsible for his or her own research and subsequently for investing in any project.


The second tool is Icy Tools, also a website that offers analysis tools with the objective of tracking NFTs in the markets in real time.

By connecting your wallet you will be able to view NFT market trends in 15 to 30 minute time frames.

The downside of this application is that several functions such as the one mentioned above are blocked and can only be used by purchasing the Premium plan, which costs around $60 dollars per month.

Likewise, without having the Premium plan you will be able to explore NFT sales in real time of the main trending markets. See what is being minted also in real time and view 24-hour statistics on all collections.

Finally, you can find all the information related to non-fungible tokens, such as: minimum and maximum prices, volume, sales and average price in a league table.


Nansen is one of the longest running platforms in the ecosystem in relation to NFT collection trackers. The goal is to analyze the most popular, effective non-fungible token wallets and are visualized in the end-user leaderboard. The table is composed of the cumulative wallet volume over time. In addition, Nanse can be used to track investments, which provides detailed information on ERC-20 tokens such as: mining fees and NFTs marketplaces fees.

The downside of the application is the same as Icy Tools, it has several features that are unlocked by obtaining the Premium subscription they offer.

In addition to working on data analysis of the Ethereum blockchain, they have information from the Solana blockchain and will soon be launching data from blockchains such as BNB Chain, Avalanche, Fanton, among others.


Undoubtedly NFT Drops Calendar is one of the best places not to miss any collection before they are released to the secondary market. As we have been saying, it is up to each one to investigate and make their analysis to invest in projects that have potential, but this website is a great tool to participate in NFT Drops that are about to be released and that if they have futures you will surely be able to take advantage of them.

You can keep track of all upcoming Drops with the help of the “NFT Delivery Calendar” and also receive alerts on giveaways, promotions, events and sales related to NFTs before they go to the secondary market already at much, much higher prices than Drops.

Also, you can search for any particular collection of NFTs, since it has different tags and search filters such as: mint date, price, market volume, the blockchain in which they are created, among other things. In addition, in each project you will be able to see important information such as twitter followers, Discord users and number of minted NFTs.

Finally, NFT Drops Calendar allows its users to upload their own collections, so if you are a project creator and want to form a large community to revalue your non-fungible tokens, this platform can help you in the search for your marketing strategy.

DAPP RADARLast but not least, I bring you the most known page in the analysis of Decentralized Applications: DApp Radar.

This application has long functioned as a login site to monitor and analyze sales data from NFT collections. Also, they launched a wallet tracker in 2020 to offer users an easy way to monitor Ethereum wallets in real time, they will only need to enter the wallet, address or ENS name to receive information about NFT tokens and balance, as well as the overall net worth of that wallet.

Another positive feature of this platform is that all its functions are totally free. Subsequently, you will be able to filter the search by variety of NFTs, income, market volume, traders, sales and many other things, all of which you will be able to visualize in timeframes of one hour, one and seven days, thirty days and forever.

Finally, you will be able to filter them by the different blockchains and protocols, something that can certainly be interesting to know whether to invest in more expensive or cheaper blockchains.


If your idea is to enter the NFT industry, either as an investor, hobby or simply for fanaticism, it will be necessary to monitor and analyze data from the upcoming and already established NFT projects to avoid surprises such as scam collections that exist in the market.On the other hand, there are many more tools, but from NFTexpress we have only brought some of them, since the market is recreated and innovated every day at all hours, both in the industry of non-fungible tokens, as in the DeFi, cryptocurrencies, blockchain and all the disruptive technologies that are being created.

Finally, with an analysis through these tools, they will be able to invest in NFTs in a safer and more fundamental way with the objective of obtaining future profits.

We remind you that NFTexpress does not recommend or provide investment advice of any kind.

Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.