Tarzan becomes NFT thanks to XLABEL and its partnership with X2Y2

The renowned TV and series character is coming to the Web3 ecosystem with an NFT collection thanks to XLABEL’s collaboration with X2Y2. In addition, it will be integrated into various platforms such as blockchain-based open world games and metaverse.

News broke that Tarzan, the renowned serial and movie character first created by Edgar Rice Burroughs in 1912, will be transformed into NFT, will be transformed into NFT to be used in open game worlds developed with blockchain technology and in the different Metaverses.

XLABELa digital fashion and technology company based in Australia, entered into a multi-year licensing agreement with the estate of the original creator named above, with the goal of transforming this great character into a non-fungible token within the Web3 ecosystem.

Likewise, before being used in the gaming world and the Metaverse, XLABEL achieved a partnership with X2Y2, one of the most well-known non-fungible token marketplaces in the industry working with the Ethereum blockchain.

Find out all the information about the collection

XLABEL’s project was called “Tarzan: The Lord of the Apes” and consists of 9999 non-fungible tokens of the renowned character to be released on March 28 for permitted whitelist members.

On the other hand, the NFTs will have a value of 0.05 ETH, that is, about $90 USD approximately for the private sale. Then, for the public sale that will start on March 30, there will be the remaining supply at a value of 0.06 ETH, about $110 USD approximately.

Brad MorrisCEO of XLABEL, spoke about his company’s new project in collaboration with X2Y2 and said that the goal is to build on the 110-year heritage that the Tarzan character has achieved and represent him in new and innovative ways through platforms created with Web3.

In addition, he confirmed that NFTs that are purchased on the Ethereum network will be compatible with Unreal Engineone of the most popular and leading gaming software in the video game industry. Unreal is the company in charge of developing some of the most popular games such as Fortnite.

Morris also commented on the possibility of integrating Tarzan into hundreds of games with Epic Games and Unreal. However, he added the possibility of partnering with many other games that are emerging thanks to blockchain technology, since, these new gameplay projects will be the ones that will enable innovative experiences by relating directly with Tarzan.

‘Tarzan: Lord of the Apes” – source: Official Twitter of the project

Beyond the digital designs of the Tarzan character, XLABEL is also working to launch digital fashion accessories in NFT format and inspired by apes and other features that relate to this wild character who lived in the jungle as a result of his parents’ accident.

In addition, XLABEL hired a digital artist named Skeeva, who, together with the company’s designers, has been designing and creating the models for more than six months.

XLABEL’s other work in the NFT ecosystem

The collection of Tarzan NFT collection is not the company’s first work with Web3 technology, having previously launched a collection of non-fungible tokens based on the popular fictional character Betty Boop.

Similarly, that project only consisted of the NFT collection and now with Tarzan, the Australian technology company has more ambitious plans. The goal of creating a digital identity around Tarzan and using it across multiple Web3 platforms such as games, social networks, metaverse and more, means that we are witnessing the company’s most important project yet.

Finally, the partnership with X2Y2, one of the most popular marketplaces for non-fungible tokens also demonstrates the importance of the project. Furthermore, planning to create partnerships with other blockchain platforms and games to integrate Tarzan into different experiences will make the collection of official Tarzan NFTs create more value over time.

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Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.