Taringa launched a new NFT collection to help an Argentine NGO

Taringa! is one of the largest Spanish-speaking social platforms on the Internet. It recently announced the launch of its NFT collection with Proyecto 4 Patas, an NGO that aims to help and find homes for thousands of dogs that are homeless.

Taringa!is one of the most important social platforms in the Spanish-speaking world and recently announced the launch of its NFT collection after the association with the Proyecto 4 Patas (P4P), a non-profit organization that is led by a group of volunteers whose goal is to overcome the situation of overpopulation, cruelty, indifference and abandonment of millions of animals in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Both teams set out to create a collection of non-fungible tokens or as they put it in Taringa! NFT!s. This collection has 1000 digital collectibles in NFT format and represent doggy personalities, with traits and attributes that make them special.

Consequently, there will be five categories to distinguish them, which will be as follows:

  • Voracious

  • Playful

  • Shy

  • Naughty

  • Discas

The majority of the proceeds from each sale of the doggy NFTs will be donated to “4 Paws Projects” so that they can continue their mission to fight against animal abandonment, mistreatment and suffering.

On the other hand, from the same website of Taringa! website, they expressed about this new partnership and charitable action with P4P and said that they want to demonstrate that digital communities are able to impact and help in a positive way. They also added that Taringa! is a social network with many communities and thanks to Web3 technology, together with the NFT!s industry, it will be possible to make a difference in causes that really matter to many people.

Another of the people who spoke about this new alliance with charitable purposes is Cristina SanchoManaging Director of Taringa!, who remarked the figures of the reality that they intend to change with this collection of NFTs.

He said that in Argentina there are more than 5 million dogs living on the streets, and that these numbers are increasing year after year. Consequently, through this first collection we want to demonstrate that the communities of this social network are very large and can help meet objectives with NGOs such as those of “4 Paws Project“through the technology provided by Web3 and the non-fungible tokens.

Another novelty about this charity project is the integration of a means of payment that in principle has nothing to do with cryptocurrencies or cryptographic wallets. The goal is to allow more people to collaborate with the project. 4 Legs Project and consequently, MercadoPago was incorporated to the platform.

Mercado Pago or MP

Mercado Pago is undoubtedly the largest online payment platform in Argentina. This tool allows you to charge online through different channels such as: email, social networks, website, a mobile application or other digital device such as tablet or computer.

In addition, through Mercado PagoMercado Pago, customers can pay by credit card, debit card, or even bank transfer. The objective of the platform is to facilitate payments and offer different financial services to users.

Also, MP works as a virtual wallet and consequently, it allows to resolve payments and avoid paperwork and time losses.

This app will allow both current Taringa! users and new users to acquire the social network’s digital currency called “.T! Coins“. This virtual currency is implemented within Taringa’s social network, and it can be purchased through Mercado Pago to finally obtain NFT!s from the 4 Patas collection.

Canine situation in Argentina

According to the data of the Association of Veterinarians of the Province of Buenos AiresAccording to data from the Buenos Aires Veterinary Association, there are approximately six million dogs living on the streets in the province of Buenos Aires.

However, if we extend to national numbers, the figures are even more alarming, since more than 20 million dogs are abandoned and in extremely vulnerable conditions.

The 4 Legs Project is an organization created between 2005 and 2006 by Luciano Carbone. The objective is to take care of as many animals as can be found in Buenos Aires.

When a dog enters the transit home, there are sanitary protocols that must be followed to guarantee the animal’s welfare and to get it out of the emergency situation in which it finds itself. In addition, being a non-profit organization, the collaboration of neighbors and people who want to help and work as volunteers to perform different actions and tasks is essential.

Finally, the project has an account to receive donations of money, but also in its official website there is very important information to receive the collaboration of other things beyond money. Supplies are always needed to cover surgeries, medicines, or even the food consumed daily by the animals in the shelter.

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Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.