Sublimart: An Argentinean scanner for creating NFTs

A project created by Argentines to bring real-world art to the blockchain, thanks to a scanner that facilitates the process of minting non-fungible tokens.

Sublimart is a team composed of Argentine experts in technology, blockchain and artists, which on November 14 made the presentation of its new product that comes to revolutionize the NFT field.

Their product consists of a machine that allows to scan and laser cut a piece of physical art from the real world, with the aim of transferring it to the digital world, to integrate it later to the blockchain and thus generate a new NFT.

The new tool is called “Sublimart Machines”, with which thousands of artists will be able to take their art to the blockchain and keep it indefinitely in a set of metadata, easily and without losing any information.

The company will present its new product in early December in Miami, in a gallery that will take place during Art Week and revolves around the Art Basel fair.

Sebastian Wain, the co-founder of Sublimart, argues that the company becomes the de facto standard for bringing real-world art onto the blockchain, without any technical impediments for artists. The new digitized artwork transcends the physical artwork on the blockchain as a unique NFT, which can reference the sublimated physical artwork, whose origin is not disputed and can be verified in every detail of the digital artwork.

As the announcement states, after the ultra-detailed 5D scan is completed, a laser shredder sublimates the object in an event that leads to the disappearance of the physical artwork, and to the creation of a new NFT hosted on the blockchain with its metadata and cryptographic elements, whereby it is established that the artwork only exists from that moment onwards digitally.

We have already seen in previous notes that many artists have burned, destroyed or cut up their real-world artwork, and decided to preserve it on the blockchain through a new digital artwork via an NFT.

The Sublimart team seeks to generate a before and after in the conservation of artworks from the real world, and generating new types of digital artists, bringing those people who conserved real works to the Web3. In this way, they intend to generate a fairer market for artists.

On the other hand, the company has established an incentive methodology for these artwork creators, whereby those artists who decide to sublimate or destroy their real artwork with Sublimart technology, will obtain 85% of the funds raised from the sales of the NFT generated, as well as the possibility of incorporation in the most important marketplaces.

The process of sublimation of physical artworks and the generation of new digital works will be exhibited on December 1 and 2 at a gallery in Miami’s Wynwood, at the Center for Visual Communication.

A live demonstration will be held in this gallery for members of the press, and sublimated artwork already on the blockchain will be demonstrated at the event in an immersive virtual reality environment.

Written by Luciano Garriga (TW:@luchogarriga) for NFT Express