Learn how Stand Up comedy is coming to the NFT ecosystem

In this NFTexpress article we will look at the innovative idea of Todd Montesi and his team called PN & FRIENDS. The American comedian has his collection of NFTs with the goal of financing his first series on a premium platform.

Todd Montesi along with his team and comedians called “PN & FRIENDS” launched their NFT collection with the mission to fund their comedy series on one of the most popular streaming platforms worldwide.

The New York-born content creator created MONTIKILLAVISION PRODUCTIONS and has been working with his entire team for more than two years to bring comedy and laughter to premium streaming platforms.

Its collection called PN-NFTs is available for purchase on its official website, as well as on secondary markets for non-fungible tokens such as OpenSea.

His videos have been acclaimed by critics for being innovative, strange and above all, funny. Among his most important works are the hidden cameras to different celebrities in the United States and having taken the pandemic in a terribly funny way and always with the respect it deserves.

The goal of his NFT collection is to get his own series financed and take it to the next level, i.e. to be playable on one of the premium streaming platforms that currently exist in the industry.

However, beyond wanting to achieve this, the team of Montesi team also wants the program’s viewers and/or fans to begin to feel part of the universe that surrounds the entire Stand Up program.

Among the benefits of owning a NFT from the PN collection include the possibility of constantly receiving gifts or rewards, either physical (such as limited edition comics) or digital (for example, stickers of different themes).

On the other hand, the PN-NFT collection is composed of only 1,100 non-fungible tokens where about 10 assets are being offered for sale on a monthly basis. This was done with the idea that it would take a few years to reach the maximum number of owners, as it is intended to reflect the macro history and evolution of the program.

On the other hand, Todd Montesi himself referred several times to his NFT collection saying that it is not a PFP project where investors buy and sell the non-fungible tokens constantly, but he is thinking for it to be a HOLD NFT project, where the real value is to hold the digital asset and get continuous returns for such holding.

NFT from the PN-NFT collection. Source: OpenSea

Another of the ideas of this reference of Stand Up Comedy and the NFTs is to try to get his collection to replicate the belief of Bitcoin, since this asset has as its main philosophy to save the currency to generate higher profits in the future.

Consequently, the entire team of MONTIKILLAVISION wants to make their project adapt to the same belief as Bitcoin and that the owners of the NFTs in their collection keep their NPs to generate a higher return when these comedians become a legitimate TV series or even a cultural phenomenon.

On the other hand, Montesi’s team makes sure that in the meantime, NP-NFT holders receive at least once a month various gifts and other valuable assets (tangible or intangible) as a thank you for being part of the project.

Who created the NFTs in the collection

The project’s non-fungible tokens are being created by multiple emerging artists with the goal of making the pieces exclusively of hilarious and poignant art.

Some of the artists chosen for the creation of these NFTs with Jonathan Kaplan, a creator of the funny web series Grading Animals. Another is Indy Woodard, a filmmaker also known as BMFUNKMOON in the crypto ecosystem.

The third artist who collaborated with this collection was Quentias Bragg-Guy, an animator and hip-hop street artist in North Carolina. Finally, La-iya, a writer and visual artist from Los Angeles, also participated.

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Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.