Square Enix unveils first trailer for its upcoming video game release NFT: Symbiogenesis

Last week, the first official trailer of the NFT video game announced by the company Square Enix at the end of 2022 was unveiled.

The initial announcement about the development of the Symbiogenesis NFT project was officially communicated in early November 2022, as we reported in a timely manner from NFTexpress in the article article article.

All plans regarding the launch of the new NFT video game started around June last year, with the aim of creating a new franchise aimed at such games on blockchain.

At the same time, this game contemplates a universe where different characters can be used, which in turn will be collectible NFTs. These non-fungible tokens can be stored in the user’s wallet, and can be used as their personal avatar in various social networks.

Finally, this week they officially shared the first official first official trailer of the game Symbiogenesis. The trailer is approximately 44 seconds long, but it doesn’t mention much about the gameplay or gameplay of the title.

In previous news as well as in the last one, from Square Enix claim that this game will demonstrate a completely new and innovative way of entertainment with NFT, through which more than 10,000 works of art will be offered in digital format, to be collectible and exchangeable among users.

One of the details revealed by the company is that players will be able to progress through the story as they unlock the stories of the game’s characters. These stories will be revealed progressively as they unlock chapters of the game, which would be six according to what has been confirmed by the company.

Along this journey through the game’s story, users will be able to find different types of objects hidden throughout the floating continent, as well as being responsible for determining the end of the story through their participation in the World Mission, when the final decision will be made.

But an important issue is that Square Enix states that in order to actively participate in the final mission, only those players who have completed all the missions of the six chapters, and have managed to obtain a certain amount of special elements that will be specified later, will be able to do so. Those who do not meet all these requirements will be able to participate in the final mission but as spectators.

On the other hand, they have mentioned that the 10,000 NFT characters will be placed for sale from the respective section of the market, which will have a unique and unrepeatable design (main characteristic of the NFTs), in addition to having a diversity of races and professions.

Currently, Square Enix has enabled the project’s official site, where you can learn a little more about the game’s map. On the other hand, they have set up a Discord server where those interested in learning more about the company’s new title can log in.

Another piece of information revealed by the company is that the game’s story can be followed through two different paths: the first one would be following the main thread, based on several chapters; or the other one following the individual stories that follow each character. In the latter, there will be parts that will be available only to those players who have a NFT of that character.

Written by Luciano Garriga (Tw: luchogarriga) for NFT Express.

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