Square Enix revolutionizes Final Fantasy VII launch with the inclusion of NFT’s

The game developer has decided that Final Fantasy VII will have a collection of 200 non-fungible tokens.

This is not the first time that the video game company Square Enix is making moves to get involved with blockchain technology and NFTs. We will take a brief look at its previous plans to offer new experiences to users of its games.

One of their first approaches was in the last days of October 2022, when they filed an application for registration of the trademark“Symbiogenesis“, a NFT game project but no further details were known about it. There was speculation that it was a new edition of the Parasite Eve installment, but it was later confirmed that it was not related to it.

On that occasion, the company gave a preview of its intentions to launch NFT games in the future, along with the creation of a franchise for such games. Symbiogenesis is a project with collectible NFTs, which still has no release date, but they have announced that it will be released this year.

Then, in January 2023, the company announced the reinforcement of its intentions to develop blockchain projects, incorporating NFTs into them. This position was communicated by Yosuke Matsuda, who held the position of president of the company, through the publication of an open letter about its intentions to go further into the NFT field, with the realization of investments and the development of new virtual games.

And the last news that had come to light, was the presentation of the first official trailer of the first official trailer of their next NFT game called Symbiogenesis, in mid-March. It is a video of approximately 44 seconds, but it does not expose too many details about it.

Final Fantasy VII and its NFTs

In Square Enix’s plans to get involved with blockchain projects and incorporate NFTs, it has been revealed that it also wants to make such integrations with one of its most popular installments: Final Fantasy.

In this way, it has decided that the seventh installment of the Final Fantasy saga will be involved with blockchain technologies, and incorporate a set of trading cards with non-fungible tokens. The name has been unveiled, which will be “Final Fantasy VII Anniversary Art Museum: Digital Card Plus.“.

In this sense, each pack includes 6 cards in physical format and an extra one, which can be exchanged for any model, but it must be for another collectible digital asset, which will be part of a total of 207 cards. This collection is being launched in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the RPG game, whose release date has been set for March 31.

The initial price of these packs has also been announced, which will be approximately $3.30 dollars each. A fact to consider is that in order to be able to use the digital trading card, it has been established as a requirement to create an account at Enjin (NFT platform), and then download the Enjin wallet itself, in order to be able to exchange and visualize them.

Square Enix has already used the Enjin platform in previous projects, but has made the clarification that if in the future any complications occur or Enjin and its services disappear, the same will happen with respect to digital collectible assets.

Written by Luciano Garriga (Tw: luchogarriga) for NFT Express.

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