Spotify explores music services based on blockchain and NFTs in preliminary tests

Find out how Spotify is exploring blockchain technology and NFTs to enhance the user experience with its innovative pilot: token-enabled Playlists.

The popular music streaming platform is working to offer innovative services and experiences to its users, so it is conducting tests to enter the Web3 ecosystem.

In order to take these first steps, the music platform has decided to collaborate with two experienced projects in the field of non-fungible tokens.

In this sense, the main responsible for facilitating this purpose are Overlord and Kingship. One of the main goals is to provide members of their communities with the ability to link a cryptoasset wallet with an NFT on the Ethereum network, and through this be able to access exclusive Spotify music playlists.

Overlord is a project that offers RPG games for mobile devices with the integration of NFTs to their gameplay. In order to enter the Overlord universe, players will only need a smartphone, an internet connection and a wallet that integrates the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network.

On the other hand, Kingship is a music group derived from the renowned Bored Ape Yatch Club (BAYC) project. In the NFT collection published in OpenSea they are defined as a super group conformed by derivatives of Bored Apes and rare Mutan Ape. To be a member of their universe, you must have one of their exclusive NFT Key Cards, which provide access to their community, exclusive content, music, among other benefits.

In essence, this is a pilot test whereby the platform has collected a certain number of blocked playlists, which can only be accessed via non-fungible tokens.

For this pilot test we can mention the participation of different NFT field organizations, such as Fluf, Moonbirds, in addition to the two platforms mentioned above.

This innovative service is called Token-enabled Playlists, and will be updated during the three-month trial period. One of the requirements to access them is to be part of a community through a single link.

A relevant fact is that this pilot test will only be available to owners of Android devices. It is speculated that one of the reasons why the iOS operating system is not included is due to the policy taken by Apple regarding restrictions and commissions related to NFTs in its devices.

Following the original guidelines of the music platform, its main objective remains the same: to realize an innovative business model that provides unique user experiences, and the ingredient it adds with this proposal is identified with guaranteeing the future of music linked to the Web3 field and NFTs.

For the moment, Spotify has not released an official statement, but there is one from Kingship, who said through their Twitter account that they are always at the forefront of technology and music, so they are looking to push their limits even further.

In addition, they expressly stated that they are taking a step forward in the launch of a new playlist based on NFTs by Spotify. This playlist will be exclusively accessible to Kingship Key Card NFT holders.

In the same vein, the Overlord team has made available a playlist of its own but with restricted access, which only holders of a Creepz NFT can access. Creepz NFT. To do this, they must connect their wallet to the music platform to access a list called“Invasion“.

At the moment, this Spotify pilot test is not only available only for Android devices, but also restricted to certain countries, among which we can find the United States, Australia, Germany, United Kingdom and New Zealand.

Written by Luciano Garriga (Tw: luchogarriga) for NFT Express.

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