Spinetta’s NFT collection announced at Enigma.art

They will transfer the works made by the Argentine rock icon to digital art with the help of non-fungible tokens, through the Enigma.Art platform.

Almost eleven years after the death of an Argentine rock legend, the tokenization of different drawings made by Luis Alberto Spinetta has arisen. The talent best known by all, besides being music, was also writing thanks to his book Guitarra Negra, which was a great success.

But in addition to the fields mentioned above, Spinetta was also very talented in the field of art and drawing. Thus, the novelty of the present article deals with the transformation of those works into NFT through the platform Enigma.Art.

The series Portraitsis part of the first stage of the collection, under the name “Figuraciones“. It was presented at a pre-sale meeting by one of Luis Alberto’s daughters, Catarina Spinetta, representing the whole family. In addition to presenting her father’s works, she also told details of Luis Alberto’s passion for drawing.

All this is possible thanks to the NFT platform. Enigma.Art. On behalf of the platform, they invite people to be part of the Spinetta Community, obtaining an NFT for their own use, which can be collected. It should be noted that Enigma.Art maintains that the NFT are for personal use only, as they do not grant permission for commercial use.

Catarina referred to Luis Alberto’s passion for art and drawing, expressing that her father was a born drawer and did it in a practically natural way, whether on napkins, newspapers or whatever paper he had at hand. For his father, drawing was like breathing, it came naturally to him. He used pens of all colors, but red was the color he liked the most. He drew everywhere, all the time.

If you buy an NFT in presale you will get an extra benefit over the others, and it is a vinyl of the albums, which can be of Almendra, Kamikaze or Artaud. In addition to the vinyl, they will be selected to participate in a raffle for an original vinyl with date, signature and name.

The name they decided to give to the collection, Figuración, is a tribute and an invitation to rediscover the great Argentine rock musician. Those behind the project maintain that it is an extension of his legacy and message.

Likewise, his daughter Catarina added that Figuración is the name given to his digital art. At the same time, it means a lyric he wrote for Almendra’s first album. She considers that it coincides because of the figures and because it is a song that blows your mind, like the others.

The collection will be launched to the public on January 23 with the first series of portraits he made on small colored paper, which has no date or any other data. There are 12 hand-drawn tokenized pieces. These characters are combined with 6 different colored backgrounds, which brings them to a total of 72 unique works.

In the future, the daughter mentions that they are going to tokenize the drawings of cars that her father made, and it will be called Man Walk. She also mentions that Luis Alberto was a car fanatic, and was obsessed with futuristic designs.

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Written by Luciano Garriga (TW:@luchogarriga) for NFT Express